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I went to San Diego for a wild 24 hours. The fun I had for those 24 hours was amazing! I drove down from LA and met up with a new friend I was planning to get to know.

I got to his place and the chemistry was volatile. We went to the bedroom and stripped each other naked. He got down and sucked on my cock. I love how it’s always the first priority for these guys to try to fit my cock down their throats. Sometimes, they need to open their teeth wider. It can fucking hurt! But that’s what happens with a large penis. #BPP #BigPenisProblems

It was easier to 69 with him. He had a great cock. Both of us throating each other’s cock was so hot! He was thrusting his cock down my throat and I was giving him every motion to help guide mine down his. Soon, he was fucking me and then I was fucking him. He must have loved having cock inside him because he shot his load all over his chest while I was pounding him. The agreement was that I wouldn’t cum inside him. He’s negative and all. So, I pulled out and squirted all over his face and chest. His mouth was open and I got a good “glug” in there. That was so hot!

We got cleaned up and went out for a drink. We went to some place called Pecs. There were guys all around. The longer I stood in one place, the more people I began to recognize. It’s funny how you start to know people in many other cities. Soon, I had a crowd of people around me. Half of them knew each other and the other half were meeting for the first time. I was meeting new people everywhere I turned. The stock that was in front of me was so hot! I could only imagine the scene that could happen with these hot guys. A few of us went over to play darts. I was already getting white girl wasted, so I knew I wouldn’t be too great at the darts. The one guy who was the best was also the hottest. He was kinda goofy, though. Bless his heart. He brought his own darts and explained the different games to the rest of us. Still, I couldn’t help but imagine what fun I could have snacking on his butt! #ButtSnackTIM

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This night was as good as over. I was ready to stumble home and pass out. My friend was scared that I was going to wake up his neighbors and I was in just the right mood to fuck with him. So, I pretended to walk up to the wrong house and ring the bell. At least, I think I was pretending. Somehow, I woke up with nasty scrapes on my legs. I don’t know how they got there. Probably when I fell into some shrubbery. Damn alcohol!

The next morning, we had made plans to go have brunch. Bottomless Mimosas! I definitely needed a little hair of the dog. With a little food in my belly and a lot of booze, we started walking around and hanging out with the crowd at the bar. This is where my trouble started. Or, I should say, this is where I started the trouble.

I may or may not have started to flash my cock around at different people. I really don’t know how it started, but I was taking any cue I could to whip it out and helicopter it around. Sometimes, I would just flap it side to side. Other times, I would make a stranger hold it. Oh, that’s right! It was a guy who said he wanted to see it that started this whole exhibitionist streak. And once they told me that San Diego was conservative, well… I just wanted to push the envelope even more!

We decided to leave there and head towards another bar. That’s the one I got kicked out of for “not keeping my penis in my pants.” Don’t they know me? Obviously not.

Drew Sebastian, Treasure Island Media

All I know is that some people in San Diego aren’t anticipation my return. But some people clearly needed to open up and experience a little Drew Sebastian.

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