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It was Thursday morning. My coffee was steaming and I had just sat down after a long hot shower. The robe felt soft against my warm skin. I was in no rush to get dressed. There was a long day of lounging ahead of me, and I didn’t need to be dressed for it. Just as I went to take my first sip, there was a knock on the door. Whoever the fuck it was would have to deal with me how I was. I wasn’t going to take the time to get dressed just to answer the door.

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Undoing the lock, I opened the door to find two young men in matching white shirts and khaki pants. Early twenties I’d say. Local boys here to share their faith. They had never stopped by my house before, but I had seen them from my window. It was always the same two. They were average height. One blond and the other ginger. Most people didn’t give them the time of day. I guess they finally made it to my door. I was happy to let them in. I didn’t care so much about what they had to say as much as I just wanted a better look at them. Whenever they passed I got a little peek at their perfectly rounded asses. I wasn’t sure what they had these boys doing in their downtime, but it paved the way for a juicy ass.

They smiled at me from the doorway. I looked them up and down slowly. It took a moment before they noticed I was barely dressed. They offered to let me get dressed before they came in, if I was interested. I waved off the offer and told them to come in. We walked into the living room. I sat on the couch and they sat in the two arm chairs directly across from me. They placed a Bible on the coffee table and glanced at each other before speaking. The ginger smiled from ear to ear. His friend looked a little nervous. They continue on with their information session, which sounded like it had been scripted. I didn’t interrupt.

I just sat back and listened. My legs spread a little, forcing my robe to open just slightly. The ginger’s eyes dropped as my cock came into view. Swallowing hard, he forced himself to make eye contact with me. I flashed him a grin. The other boy hadn’t seemed to notice my semi-hard cock. It took a moment before he did, as I readjusted my robe a little more. His eyes dropped down and he got a full shot of my hairy balls and my cock that had been getting harder as he spoke. Silence had fallen and I gestured for him to continue.

It seemed to be a real effort for him to go on, at this point, but he managed. A real trooper. Meanwhile, his friend seemed to be struggling to keep his composure. Eyes kept darting from my eyes down to my crotch. I took a look at his and noticed a bulge forming. He was trying his best to keep me from noticing it. Boy must have been packing a snake as he wasn’t doing a very good job at keeping it hidden. One would assume he had a sock bundle shoved in there. The boy speaking was starting to sweat bullets. I offered to get them some lemonade, which they both agreed to.

I excused myself and went to the kitchen. Upon returning, I approached them from behind and placed the glasses on the table. They both turned to thank me. I had ditched the robe in the kitchen. Making my way around to the couch, I could feel the tension in the room grow. And it was obvious it wasn’t the only thing growing. The sexually neglected young men stared intently at my body. I wasn’t a gym rat, but I put great effort to keep myself in shape. I ran daily after I got out of bed. My body hair was all natural. I couldn’t be bothered with shaving. Too much of a pain in the ass. Before I had gotten back to the couch, they got an eyeful of my prominent ass, with just a trace of fur in my crack.

The ginger was starting to fidget. A wet spot was forming on the crotch of his pants. Either he was turned on and leaking, or he was pissing himself. My money was on the first option. He licked his lips as his eyes darted over every inch of me. He stood as if he wanted to leave, but froze in place. I could see the his eyes widen as he debated the situation. The other boy rose, too. Neither one made for the door. I walked over to the ginger and put my hand around his waist, before sliding it down and cupping his firm ass in my hand. He exhaled hard as I gave it a little squeeze. I reached around with my other hand and really got a good handle on his ass.

Nervous eyes met mine. I just smiled and undid his pants before he knew what had happened. I dropped them and bent him over the arm chair. I could hear his friend gasp as I buried my face in his pale cheeks. His smooth pink hole was wet with sweat. A startled moan filled the room as my tongue invaded his virgin hole. Precum was streaming from his hard cock onto the leather chair. The other boy stood motionless, mouth open wide. I peered down and saw his hand clutching his cock.

I reached over and grabbed him by the belt. After removing his pants too, I moved them quickly to the couch and forced them both onto it, kneeling. The blond’s ass was pale, too; but had faint traces of blond fuzz that continued on to his low-hanging balls and ended in a nice bush around his uncut cock. I went in for a taste of his hole. The sweet taste drove me wild. I moaned as I nibbled and licked his tight ass.

Sucking on one of my fingers, I pushed it inside the ginger’s ass. His hole tightened immediately around my finger, but relaxed a few seconds later. So much so that I forced another finger inside him. They were both moaning like mad, now. I feverishly worked on their holes, getting them wet and loose. I kept eating the blond’s ass while the ginger dropped down to the floor and took a taste of my cock. His inexperience was obvious, but his curiosity made up for it. My body was a new adventure for him. I licked and sucked until I started growling in pleasure. He was a quick learner. Before I knew it, he was taking all of my cock down his throat. I grabbed the back of his head and forced it deeper, making him gag. But he loved it. Begged for more.

I maneuvered his head around and pushed his face into my hairy ass. I kept my hand on the back of his head and made him tongue me deep. His friend moaned loudly into a pillow as I pushed three fingers inside him wet hole. My cock was dripping and throbbing wildly. These two had been primed and were ready for more. I put the ginger back onto the couch. Both of their supple asses faced my. I quietly rubbed lube on both of their holes. They didn’t know what was coming; just that I was still playing with their holes. I stroked my cock and pressed the head against the ginger’s smooth hole. I pushed in slowly, making him take me balls deep. His body trembled and he groaned. The pain didn’t last long. I could feel him opening up. Blondie looked on as his friend’s ass was being rammed. Once it was in I let him have it.

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My balls slapped his ass hard as I pounded his tight little hole. I pulled all the way out and slapped my cock on his gaping hole. It was red and covered in lube. He screamed as I shoved my cock back in. Next, it was time to break in the other tight hole. Before I fucked him, I looked him in the eye. He didn’t say anything but I could tell he was hungry for it. Slightly, he pushed his ass into the air. I didn’t go slowly with him. Once the head of my cock touched his hole, I pushed it in. His was even tighter than the other. It gripped my meat as I slam fucked him.

I greedily fucked them both. The sensations pulsed through my body as the head of my cock pushed inside the ginger’s ass. I made him stand without pulling out and guided his throbbing cock into his friend’s ass. It was still wet with lube and he slid deep inside within seconds. Every time I pounded his hole, his friend got fucked simultaneously. It made me go harder. The two young men were drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. The blond moaned louder as he was getting fucked and blew a river of cum onto the couch and the floor. I didn’t let him off the hook, though. He would get fucked for as long as I wanted him to get fucked.

Gripping the ginger’s ass, I pumped so hard that I could feel his prostate swell as he unloaded his cum into his friend’s ass. The tightening of his ass milked my cock so hard that I shot an enormous load of hot cum into his ass. I pulled out and ate both of their asses. The sweet cum dripping from each hole.

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I let them shower before getting dressed. Didn’t want to send them back smelling like lube and cum. While in the shower, they got hard again and asked if they could fuck me. I have a huge walk in shower with a stool, so I bent over and let them take turns fucking my hairy hole. They both blew their loads inside me. The ginger was so into it that he fucked me a second time while his buddy got himself all cleaned up. By the end, I had three loads of cum up my ass and I was still hungry for more. But it was time for them to go. I’d have to wait till their next visit before I could enjoy another serving.

They were in the area at least once a week, which meant I was going to have a regular visit from the two boys. Maybe next time they’d bring a couple more friends.


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