I AM: Antonio Biaggi

I sometimes have to remind myself that a man is more than a cock and a pair of balls. I’m especially guilty of this with Antonio Biaggi, but could you blame me? Famously hung, Antonio is also a history buff, an entrepreneur, and an aquarium enthusiast.

Julian: Hey Antonio, how are you?

Antonio: I’m fine, thanks! I’ve got a little bit of time now so I’m excited to take this call.

Treasure Island Media, Antonio Biaggi

J: Great! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

A: Anything? There’s a lot, haha.

J: Whatever you want. The cliffs note version of Antonio.

A: Okay. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. About ten years ago I moved to the United States for the first time. I moved to Miami, but I didn’t really like Miami that much. I moved back to Puerto Rico a little later.

J: What didn’t you like about Miami?

A: The city didn’t really suit me, and I had a crazy boyfriend, so it was just best for me to get out of that situation, haha. A year after I returned to Puerto Rico I moved to San Francisco, but I didn’t like it there either, so I decided on Fort Lauderdale. Even though I didn’t like Miami I did enjoy living in Florida. I wanted to be close to Puerto Rico. Fort Lauderdale was a good solution.

J: And what did you do before you were involved in porn?

A : I was a manager for a private tour company that took tourists on historical tours of the islands.

J: You are obviously well known for your huge cock and balls. When did you first notice that you were bigger than most guys?

A: Oh god, I never know how to answer that question. There wasn’t a moment for me. Over time I just came to realize, haha.

J: That’s a fair answer. Can you tell me how and when you started filming porn?

A: When I was 29 years old I contacted Collin O’Neal from “World of Men” and I told him that I was interested in doing porn. He put me in contact with Raging Stallion. I met with them, things worked out, and I became an exclusive with them for the next three years. Yeah, that was really it. It’s a pretty short story.

J: On a day to day basis, how do you prefer to meet men?

A: Like for sex or as a boyfriend?

J: Both!

A: I don’t really like to use apps or Web sites to meet guys. I like to go out to places and meet people. I’m really all about the chemistry I have with person. It’s very hard to gauge that online or on a phone. Generally I go to bars for guys like that.

J: What about boyfriends?

A: Haha, I’ve always met my boyfriends in the most random places! My current boyfriend, I met him when I very first moved to Florida. He was my neighbor from across street.

J: What kinds of men are you attracted to?

A: The older I’ve gotten I’ve realized that I really don’t have a particular type. I’ve been attracted to different kinds of guys all my life. I can quantify and say that most of the guys I’m attracted to are shorter than me. I generally like hairy guys. But those things alone aren’t what make them attractive. Really, the only thing that I’m not into really are blonds. But that’s about it.

J: What is your favorite thing about working with Treasure Island?

A: I love working with Max. He has really great ideas and he’s really easy to work with. He directed my favorite scene to shoot. I really like working with him.

J: Max will love to hear that! So, what was you favorite scene to film?

A: He put it in Park and Ride. It was the scene in the limo with this really cute guy [Logan Stevens]. I had a great time during that scene.

Treasure Island Media, Park and Ride

J: Yeah, I love that scene! Very exhibitionist. After your exclusive contract with Raging Stallion, why did you decide to start shooting bareback?

A: The short answer is that I wanted to. I had thought about it, and it was a direction I was prepared to take. A lot of people were telling me not to, that it would ruin my career, etc. I had thought about other mainstream studios but no one was really interested, so I started shooting bare scenes.

J: Being a porn model must have some sort of affect on your sex life.

A: Generally it really doesn’t. I go about my life just as any other person would. I think the only time it affects my sex life are those days when I’m traveling and shooting scenes and I come home to my boyfriend too tired to have sex. Otherwise it just means that I can’t go to bathhouses or orgies, hahah!

J: What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working and traveling?

A: I’ve been working so much lately that I don’t even have time for hobbies any more! Normally I like the usual things. I like making dinner with my friends, going to movies, things like that. I really love history. Whenever I travel I am sure to go visit whatever museum that city has to offer. Whenever I read I almost always will read a history book. And people don’t know this about me but I love aquariums.

J: Really? I never expected that! Which aquarium has been your favorite?

A: The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. That was definitely my favorite.

J: What’s your favorite period of history to read about?

A: I really love to read about the colonial period in the Caribbean, and I’m really into the French Revolution.

J: Me too! I just finished a biography of Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser. I think you’d really like it. You’re starting your own Web site. Tell me about that.

A: Yeah, I launched it just three months ago: BiaggiVideos.com. We don’t produce DVDs or anything. It’s a monthly membership site. I’m really excited how this is going to develop.

J: Are you featured in all of the scenes on your site?

A: I’m in about 80% in them. In the rest of them, I’m doing behind the scenes stuff. The directing, producing stuff. I really enjoy it. The whole process of making a scene is very interesting and fun to me. It’s a great creative outlet for me to have.

Treasure Island Media, Park and Ride

J: What do you see for yourself as you get older?

A: I’ve thought about it a little bit. I’ll most likely eventually leave the porn world. I would like to own a couple of businesses.

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