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Earlier last week, I was up in Baltimore at the pharmacy that I go to. Of course wherever I go, I try to hit up the local bareback sluts and get my hole filled up so I can go home afterwards and jerk off with my guts full of cum.

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Well, this time when I got home, I was full with 3 hot loads and a majorly sore hole. I hit up a buddy on bbrts named Paul (among probably 20 guys that I hit up from time to time.) Paul and I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, but he was available to host, and I was about 2 blocks away. While I was still taking care of my prescription, he messages me saying, “I might have another slutty guy coming over, more of a bottom, wants to take our loads.” “cool, long as I get some of those loads. Addicted to cum, so I dont wanna hafta fight the boy for your cum. Lol,” I texted back to him.

After I picked up my prescription, I bolted over to his place and rang his doorbell. He let me in to his 2 story flat and we chatted for a second about guys, about how much we liked it raw, etc. He wasn’t the most fit or the most hung of guys. He was about 6′, maybe 220, with about 6.5″ but his cock was super thick! I don’t mind body type usually. No offense to the guys, but i don’t care too much about what you look like when im just taking your cum. If you’re fat with a nice cock, most likely, I’ll ride that cock. The more hot cum in me the better.

So, back to paul’s flat… Paul and I didn’t waste too much time in chatting. At the first mention of bareback and fucking, we took it as the intro to get on the bed and strip. As he was taking his clothes off, I laid there on the bed with my legs spread so he could see my hungry hole and I said, ” I can never get enough hot cum in my ass. You cum a lot?” “yup. And after 6-days of holding this load in, you’ll definitely be dripping when I’m done.”

He got up on the bed, and told me to flip over onto my back. I did, and he unceremoniously folded me in half, pushing my knees past my head. He spit on his thick cock and then on my waiting hole, and without much warning, he said, “let’s see how much of a slut you really are,” and he shoved his cock inside my tight hole in one hard thrust. I moaned as I felt his cock stretch my eager hole. It didn’t take long for my hole to readjust to his hard thrusts, and i was pushing back against his cock to get it as deep inside my guts as possible. We traded dirty talk as he pounded my hole: I kept telling him that i needed lots of his hot jizz in my slut hole, and he kept growling how much of a pounding he loved to give sluts.

As we were starting to get to the point where he was grunting deeper like he was about to flood me with his jizz, his cell phone on the nightstand started to ring. He reached for the phone, and I thought to myself, ‘dammit, he can’t be serious. He was just about to cum.’ To my surprise, Paul answered the phone and kept on fucking my hole. Still loudly grunting and moaning, he said, “hey, what’s up?….Yeah, I’m fucking that cum whore that I told you was coming over….yup, tight and hungry for more cum….cool, see you soon.”

He hung up and said to me, “got your cum slut hole some more cock.” “I thought you said the guy that was coming over was more of a bottom,” I moaned. “nah, that guy was a flake. This guy is a vers buddy of mine. Ready for my cum?” “mmmmm…yeah, shoot it all deep inside me!” He sped up his thrusts and was soon quivering and grunting like a bull as I felt volley after volley of sweet cum coat my guts. We sat there talking for a few minutes letting his cock soften inside of my cummy hole, when the doorbell downstairs rang. He jumped up and ran downstairs to let in the mystery man.

After a minute, the two came back up the stairs to see my used and cum-filled hole lying on the bed, ass up. I looked over my shoulder to see a guy with a mustache in a peacoat next to Paul who was probably about 5 years or so older than Paul. “wow, that’s a nice fuckable looking ass there. You already fill him up?” said the guy. “why don’t you dip that cock into him and find out?” said Paul. The guy quickly stripped off his clothes, and I looked back at him standing over my hole with an already hard, veiny 7″ cock. “fuck me,” I said plainly and he leaned into me and put that cock in to the hilt in the first thrust. He took some time thrusting his cock back and forth before I heard him moan and thrust really hard inside of me. I thought he was cumming inside of me, but then I felt his weight double on top of me, and I realized that Paul had jumped on top of us both and started fucking the guy while he fucked me.

For about 10 minutes, we fucked all together and then the guy pulled out of my hole and told me to suck his cock and lick his balls. I deep throated his cock, tasting paul’s cum and my ass juices on his cock. He said, “I’m gonna cum. Lick my balls.” I did what I was told and when he started to moan and shake, I stopped licking and opened my mouth wide as he pulled back and stuck his cock over my wide open gullet. He shot rope after rope of hot creamy jizz all over my face and down my throat.

Treasure Island Media, Eat It Hot

“Mmmm. That was hot. You look young enough to be my son. How old are you?” he said, panting. I told him I was 23, and he said, “jeez, you’re younger than him. You’ve got a hot fucking hole.” I said thanks and. We all proceeded to get dressed and head our separate ways. Had been hoping to get more cum in my hole, but it seemed that was all I destined to get that night. I headed home with a rock hard cock and an ass full of cum, horny as fuck for more.

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