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I have some neighbors who love to complain about the noise coming from my apartment. Usually, it’s focused on my walking too hard or singing at the top of my lungs, while I’m in the shower. But once in a while, when I get horny, they complain about noises of sex happening in my apartment.

If you’ve watched my videos, you know that I’m not quiet when I cum. It’s real and involuntary. I like it, although it can be so loud it gives me a little vocal trauma, sometimes. It happens more when I’m loading a guy up than when I’m cumming from getting fucked. I love both, but for some reason, feeling my cock deep inside them makes it swell at the moment I’m shooting. Most guys say they feel it getting fatter and squirting in their asses. This is why I’m a good top. Because I’m all in, so to speak.

The other night, I had company late at night. We were trying on my leather and getting ourselves worked up. After a little teasing and kissing, we both knew we were ready for some hot action. We began with sucking and eating each others’ asses. We continued by creating a plot for a little role play. I was going to be shoving a toy in my ass and he would come in and take over. Eventually, he would fist me. And who could stay quiet doing that?Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

I got on the bed and started sitting down on my Ken Ryker dildo and opening myself up. I was moaning and letting him know that I was in there pleasuring myself. He looked around the corner and started stroking his cock. I let him watch for a few minutes before inviting him in. I wanted him to see how good I could take my toy. “Do you like what you see?” I asked. He said, “Fuck yea!” I said, “Come on in and help me, will you?” He walked over and took control of the fat toy and started working my hole over. He got it really lubed up and worked more and more lube into my ass. I told him to finger my hole, so he started with a couple fingers and then 3, and then 4. He slid his rock hard cock in my ass and pumped a few times. He was moaning like he was about to cum. I was nowhere near ready for that. So, I slowed him down and had him slide his fingers back in. Three fingers, then 4, then his thumb. Soon, his knuckle was sliding into my hole. He was working the lube all over his knuckles and wrist. Just the anticipation was making me want to shoot! He was still stroking and his hand slid in and I let out a big moan. That moment of intense pleasure, plus watching this hot guy stroking his cock at the thought of his hand being inside my body, made me feel like I was in heaven. (Because there’s lots of fisting in heaven.) He worked my hole good for a while and then he raised up and aimed his cock onto his wrist. He pulled his hand out a little and shot his load in the palm of his hand and slid it back in. I was so turned on by that, I said, “I’m about to blow!” He wasn’t even really done feeling his orgasm, when I shot a thick load all over my belly. His paw was still inside me and he leaned down and licked up each puddle of my cum.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

The next day, I got a notice that the neighbors made a noise complaint. HA! Well, good! They’re repressed, anyway. I know that they complain because they’re jealous.

Just because I don’t like when people whine, I decided to have another night of fun. Last night, I invited a few people over and we played for hours. We tried being quiet, but just loud enough so the neighbors could hear. My company and I fucked in the living room on the couch, in the bedroom and in the shower. It was amazing!

Each load that was shot came with grunts and moans. Of course, getting there was half the fun! Nobody who comes over is a total bottom or a total top. What’s the fun in that? I took turns on the asses that were there and all the guys took turns on me. We switched around a few times, so that by the end of the play session, I had put my dick in each ass and had a total of about 30” of cock in my ass. Plus, I had 3 loads in me. (Not nearly enough, though)

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

They haven’t complained, yet, but I’m sure they’re composing their complaint letter as we speak. Fucking pussies.

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  1. Would love to see you bottoming in a TIM flick. Any chance of that happening soon, Drew?

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