For nearly two decades, it has been my duty and the duty of my company, to stand up for mansex in all its filthy hardcore glory. As men, we know that our bodies and our sex are our own. We live, breathe, fuck as men among men. Over the last year and a half, TIM has been the only studio in the USA to proudly stand up and fight against government and private organizations that would oversee and dictate our sexual expression, our private lives.  If these groups were successful, it would be a significant loss for our hard-won sexual culture and our cultural freedom. The fight is nominally over a single scene from a single video—this very scene from THE 1,000 LOAD FUCK. [hana-flv-player video=’http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMEDIA/SALEASSETS/1000LF.OSHA/1000%20Load%20OSHA.mp4′ width=620 height=400 autoplay=true/]

This is a test of our rights as men and our rights as sex pigs. The motto of those against us? “ABC:” Abstinence, Be faithful to one partner, Condoms”.

These people, vowing to control our private lives, believe they can tell us how to have sex, how to behave, how to live. They would have us believe they know what’s best for us—better than we do ourselves.

First they will try to control our sexual media, and tell us whether or not we can honestly express ourselves in front of the camera. The step after that—and it’s not a big step—would be to directly control our behavior.  In purchasing this movie, you’re putting your support square behind us in our fight against the sexual tyranny of condom nazis and sexual prudes, of know-nothing academics who’ve yet to climb down from their ivory tower to even try to understand who we are and how we live.

Live free, fuck free.

Paul Morris


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