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My work life in the London TIM office keeps me pretty busy during the week. This last week I have organised and been part of a vers group fuck scene. I have now been here six months as the London office pig and have been deciding where my TIM tattoo is going to be inked when I become one of Paul’s “Marked Men.” What can I say, as far as Treasure media goes: I’m hooked! The design was conceived by Paul, drawn by Liam, and pretty much sums up a pig like me. Playful and filthy. But you will have to wait a few weeks until you see the finished article.

Treasure Island Media, Mecos, Mexico City

This week I have also filmed a horny breeding scene for another studio, as a top I might add! I know right, sometimes I still manage to surprise myself! As part of that scene I had total role reversal and on Monday, I had to attend a casting interview to make sure I ticked the boxes as a model. This has been the first time I have been the interviewee since I have been working for Liam. Afterwards, on the Tube home a handsome Hispanic guy caught my eye and for the rest of the journey I tried to figure out if he was cruising me or not.

I’m pretty shit at all that if i’m honest! More often than not I will have no idea I am being cruised until the HusPig points it out. This time, I followed my intuition and when we had to change trains at Kennington I followed him to the exit. It turned out he had been exiting to see if I would follow and that we actually were going to the same place anyway so we headed hack to Stockwell. I had a tingle in my neck which always comes with the excitement and anticipation of playing with a total random stranger. I think the large bulge in his trackie’s was a contributory factor too.

On the walk back to mine from the station we chatted about what turned him on and he said he was really into watching and had always wanted to be in a room watching a couple of guys bareback each other. The thought really turned me on. I LOVE BEING WATCHED! From the tent in his pants I could see just how much it was turning him on too. We stopped off in an alleyway. I was too horny to wait till we got back. We stood by a back entrance to a block of flats as he fucked my throat till I was loudly gagging and drooling strings of saliva down my front. I didn’t want his load here. I wanted to see the look on HusPig’s face when I walked in with this guy. I wanted this guy to watch us fuck!

Treasure Island Media, Mecos

When we walked into the house HusPig’s eyes nearly popped out of his head! I explained that the guy liked to watch and as we started to make out he stripped off and sat in the leather armchair in the corner, wanking his cock and getting off on the show we were putting on for him. I shifted our position so that he could see my cock work its way deeper and deeper into my man. His interjections of:

“Fuck that’s hot!” and  “You guys look so fucking horny!” made me fuck the HusPig even harder, his moans and groans getting louder.

HusPig took control at this point and ordered me to lie on my back. As he squatted down on my cock the guy stood up and walked round to the side so he could get a better view of the action and we could get a better view of him stroking his fat cock. HusPig held me down and rode me slowly. As I looked over to our guest he leaned his face over and spat in my face. The combination of being watched and used was getting me so close to cumming! We switched positions and as I pounded HusPig the guy stood over us, his ass directly above my man’s face, wanking and grinning. HusPig’s face was a picture! With a loud groan the guy spewed out squirt after squirt of pure white cum over the pair of us. I pulled my cock back so he could spray over it before I slid it back in and as I fucked the load into HusPig we wiped up the cum off his stomach and shared it in a cum soaked snog. I came in seconds! Pulling out my cock was white with froth. The guy was staring: Huge grin on his face; drips of cum still stringing down from his cock.

Treasure Island Media, Mecos

As he dressed, the stench of his spunk in our bedroom, in our beards, on our bodies he said that had been the first time he had watched and asked if he could do it again some time! In unison we both nodded and exclaimed:

“Fuck Yes!”

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