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One of my very favorite cumdump whores, Jay, came over last Friday to be whored out and filled with cum. I whored him out once before, but forgot to write about it. One of the things that makes him a favorite is his personality and attitude. He is just so laid back and chill. Hanging with him is never awkward, and he’s down for taking just about any load. When he arrived, I said “let me show you the guys who responded.” (Most boys want to see what’s in store for them.) He acted mildly interested but said he didn’t really care what they looked like and said, “That’s what I’m here for.” All he really cares about is how much cum he gets in his ass, which is kind of all I care about too. He’s also always on time.

Treasure Island Media, Breeding Ian Jay

Most bottoms also wait to be told to get out of their clothes and also wait for the tops to make the first move. Not Jay. After we mixed a few drinks, he stripped right down to his jockstrap while we waited for the first top to arrive.

The first top was one of the regulars, always dependable and almost always the first to arrive. Usually there is an awkward moment before we start, but Jay immediately reached out for his his crotch before the top’s clothes were even off, begging for his dick. Kevin started by eating his ass for a minute but was quickly sliding into his bare hole. Jay was doggie style on the edge of the bed while Kevin stood there pumping his ass. After about 10 minues of fucking, with Jay moaning in pleasure, Kevin looked at me, smiled and asked, “Can I put more than one load in him?” “Fuck yeah!” was my response. At that point, Kevin sped up the pace and was pretty soon piston fucking Jay’s ass. Soon Jay had his first load squirting in his ass.

After Jay’s comment about not caring what the guys look like, I decided to be just a little bit evil and started looking for some nasty fuckers to unload in him. Hehehehehe

Kevin was working on putting another load in Jay when the next top arrived. Will is an old friend of mine from Atlanta! He has never been to a party of mine and is usually a bottom. He stopped by to see what the scene was like and pretty soon asked me if I would whore him out sometime. Of course I will! He was sort of uncharacteristically shy as he took it all in.

Kevin continued to fuck Jay doggie style. You never quite know when Kevin is unloading, because he is not verbal about it at all. But, he just kept fucking, and fucking, and fucking, tossing Jay around the bed like a play toy. On his way out, Kevin told me he dumped three loads in Jay. No need for any lube from here on out; Jay’s hole was already sloppy.

Next up was a much older white guy with a humongous cock. This guy disproved the theory that older guys have difficulty staying hard. He was rock hard from the time he walked in the door. Jay spent some time slurping on the guy’s cock and then got on all fours and took that huge dick doggie style. It was at least 9 inches (real inches, not internet inches) and very thick. Such a good cumdump bottom boy! The old man soon filled Jay with his sperm.

Some guys like to hang out and use the bottom boy’s hole over and over, or just chill and see what happens. Not the next guy, he never said a word, even when I answered the door and said “Hey, what’s up?” He was a Latin guy in his early 40s, and seemed very shy. He walked in, shucked his pants off and pushed right in to Jay’s cummy hole. He fucked for maybe 2 minutes tops, then came really quick. Love those quick pump and dump guys! Jay definitely loves getting fucked, but the whole point here is quantity, getting as many loads as possible in his ass. These pump and dump guys get it done quick and then get out of the way for the next guy to take his turn. So, Jay had 5 loads in him so far.

A really hot jock top arrived next. He had an amazing body and was a typical Chelsea boy. Will and I were a bit mesmerized watching him strip down. Jay offered up his hole doggie style, but he flipped Jay over on his back and pushed his legs over the his shoulders. Nice thick dick. Jock boy got a good rhythm going and it was fun for me and Will to watch him work his dick in and out of Jay. Unfortunately, as he was taking a hit, he spilled poppers in Jay’s face (fail!) so the fucking had to stop pretty abruptly. But, once we got that cleaned up, he returned to pumping the hell out of Jay’s hole. A few minutes later, Jay had load 6 swimming inside of him.

Remember your little league coach, or Boy Scout troop leader? Well, THAT was the next top to arrive. Interesting, quirky, assertive guy, late 40s, bald. The guy meticulously shed each piece of clothing and Jay presented his ass doggie style on the edge of the bed. The guy grunted as he slid in Jay’s sloppy hole. He pumped Jay’s hole pretty fast and I was enjoying the squishy sounds it was making. After about 10 minutes, the guy was flooding Jay’s intestines with jizz. When he was done, he asked, “Would you mind terribly if I ran out and procured some favors and came back?” “Sure that’s cool,” I replied. “And, would it be permissable for me to bring a friend?” “Of course! The more the merrier!” “Ok, I’ll be back.” Of course, we never saw him again.

Next up was a hot jock, but he was kinda sketchy, like maybe he was tweaking or something. Jay dove right in to suck him off. After a while, he finally took his place behind Jay. He never took his clothes, just pulled his cock out through his jeans, which was kind of hot. Soon enough, he was pumpung the cumhole pretty good. He had a hard time staying hard. I got the impression he was uncomfortable with an audience, so I went downstairs to make more drinks. But, by the time I got back, he was gone. He told Jay he was “nervous” and left.

Another old friend from Atlanta arrived drinking a Colt 45 out of a paper bag. He’s a beautiful black guy and I joked that he was giving his people a bad name. Without missing a beat, he said, “I’m not my people. My people don’t have passports!” Quentin took his sweet time slurping down his Colt 45 and slowing undressing, watching the scene in front of him.

Treasure Island Media, Breeding Ian Jay

Tommy, another fairly regular top, arrived right after Quentin. Quentin told him to go ahead, so he plowed right in to Jay’s hole. It’s a ton of fun watching all those tops slide in for the first time. They get this relieved look on their faces, clearly loving that sloppy hole. The whole time, I was online rounding up more guys to use our hot slut. Tommy pumped him pretty good. Jay had his face buried in the bed and was biting the sheets, hot and totally submissive. Tommy fucked him really rough and loudly unloaded in his hole. Is that really only 8 loads?

Now it was Quentin’s turn. I spent some time eating Jay’s hot hole while Jay sucked off Quentin. His hole was so fucking delicious and he really got into it, shoving his ass back into my face. He pushed some of the cum out into my mouth and I lapped up every drop. As soon as I was done, Jay climbed on Quentin’s throbbing cock and started riding it. He’s like a kid on an amusement ride. My buddy Dan showed up right about the time Quentin was dumping load 9 in Jay’s hole. Jay stayed impaled on Quentin’s dick, but leaned over and started slobering all over Dan’s huge dick. Dan quickly had him pulled off of Quentin’s dick, on all fours, with Dan’s tongue deep in Jay’s hole tasting more of that delicious cum.

Slut Dan stood up and started sliding in and out of Jay’s hole while Quentin stroked his monster dick. Quentin can at times be a greedy top, and had to get back inside that hot hole. So, he and Dan started tag teaming Jay. They had a great rhythm going, as soon as one of them pulled out, the other one shoved it in. Jay was moaning like a bitch and loved it. What a great sight! After a while of that, Dan layed on his back and Jay climbed on to ride his huge dick. After they got a good rhythm going, Quentin eased in behind Jay and started pressing his monster dick at Jay’s full hole. After a bit of work, Quentin finally got his dick in beside Dan’s. Jay was loving it and asked me to take some pics of the two raw dicks in his hot cumhole. Both Dan and Quentin kept pumping their cocks in and out of our hot little cumdump for quite some time. After a while, Dan shot his load deep inside Jay and both Dan and Quentin pulled out their cum-covered dicks.

Two tweaking boys came in, had some whispered conversation among themselves and quickly left. After that, a Mexican guy and a pretty old (and very fat) guy showed up. Jay is at his best when the nasty guys show up; it shows what a true cumslut he is. He literally doesn’t care what the guys look like, all he wants is an ass full of cum. The Mexican guy started eating Jay’s ass, but pretty soon started trying to be a second bottom boy. Jay took on the fat guy like the whore he is. As soon as the Mexican guy was out of the way, Jay turned his ass toward the fat guy, who slid his hard dick right in. It didn’t take very long, and load #11 was spurting into that sloppy cumhole.

Jay tried to take a little break after that, but Quentin pulled him back. Damn, the whore is a total champ, doesn’t he deserve a little rest? I went downstairs to make Jay another drink, and came back just as Quentin was moaning and dumping his milky sperm in Jay’s hole.

Treasure Island Media, Breeding Ian Jay

That was pretty much it for the loads: 12 LOADS TOTAL! Guys stayed around and fucked the slut for about thirty more minutes. But, soon Jay had to go take care of some family matters. He is absolutely my A+, mumero no cumdump slut these days, and I can’t wait to use him again. Already making plans to do so.

  1. Guy, that was one amazing cumdumping story… Seems like Jay got more than he was hoping for and thensome. Fucking, keep creating and mating!

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