CUMSLOPPY STORY || 1 Top, 3 Hours, 4 Loads

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My quasi-boyfriend/breeder texted me the other day and said he’d been saving himself for a multiple-load session with me. I had to work Saturday, but I decided to go for it on Friday night and risk leaking cum during the day at work, which for me meant the possibility of having a wet stain in front of some horny teenage football players who are more savvy than you would believe.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

So there I was on my knees after midnight Friday, sucking away at the beautiful black boner I call mine. Rob’s cock is 8 inches long, thick, wide-brimmed, fat in the middle, and black. His pubes are thick and curly, and I’ve been practicing my deep-throat skills so I was getting a lot of that brillo up my nostrils. Suddenly he cupped his hands behind my head and started pumping my throat. Rough. I was gagging. He’d back off slightly to let me gulp some air. Then he’d shove it back in. My eyes were watering, and I realized what he was aiming to do.

Sure enough, his first load of the night came squirting out, inside my mouth, and he shoved the head of his throbbing boner against my uvula, that punching bag of flesh hanging down over the top of my throat, and made me gulp down his seed whole. I never even tasted it.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

Without skipping a beat, he had me assume the position over his bed, my body bent in half at the hips with my cheeks upturned for our mutual favorite position of doggie. He slipped his cock in my crack and squeezed out a few more drops of load No. 1 into my slit, then rubbed his cock head up down and got it nice and wet with his sperm. Then he asked if I was ready, I said “fuck me,” and he went at it like an animal. Jesus fucking christ, I didn’t expect that right away! He hadn’t even eaten me out this time, so my hole was super tight and his cock — still fat from the throat fuck — hurt like fucking hell. But I had nowhere to run, my knees locked up against the side of the bed, and in a few minutes my hole had gotten ripped out enough to ease the pain.

His second load came a lot quicker than I thought it would, and I only knew it was in me when he actually let me know this time. He had told me on the phone he was saving his load all week for me, so I figured out this was what we had in store for a few hours: Him fucking my throat and ass, and me taking whatever he dished out.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

We took a break after the first anal cum but I was soon sucking his cock and getting it slicked up better for round 3. This time he took his time, spending about 45 minutes fucking me before he gave me a third dose of his cum. I could feel this one leaking out of my shitter as he continued humping, no timeout, and in another hour — YES, an hour more of plunging in and out of my hole — he finally gave me a fourth and final fillup.

My pussy was wrecked, we were both soaked with sweat, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, I could feel a cool wet line of our combined juices running down the back of my leg. I hopped in the shower and then headed home, since I had only a few hours to catch some sleep before I had to be at work. I had to cover a football game in the morning, and of course I got to the stadium forgetting I should’ve probably done something to prevent — or soak up — any leakage. Thank god I stayed dry the whole time, but damn, it might’ve been superhot to be standing in front of some horny teenage manboys with a wet stain on my back door. Wonder if any boys would’ve given me the all-knowing smirk of approval.

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