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When Christian came by the office to be interviewed, the joke was “Oh god, this is how black holes are made: two big ol’ bottoms in the same room, talking about sex.” As it turned out, our holes did not fuse into one giant cum hungry black hole, but we did have a good time. The same playfulness that makes him fun to watch on screen made the interview easy, like sipping beer on a hot day.

Julian: You can still hear them laughing outside! They’re not that funny.

Christian: I mean, it would be funny, though. Imagine? All the world, right into our asses [makes slurping noise].

Treasure Island Media, Legendary Hole Best of Christian

J: Haha! The ultimate bottom fantasy. But let’s start. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

C: Okay, I was born and raised in New Orleans, and I went to a Jesuit high school. After high school I went to the University of Texas at Austin, where I got my degree in Philosophy. A little after I graduated I started to some porn work. I left Texas to come to New York, and I bummed around a little. Then a few years ago I was cruising the AOL chatrooms and Max hit me up asking if I wanted to do a scene. I jumped and it turned out that they were filming one of the Damon Blows America. I guess that was 8 or 9 years ago. And since then I’ve done a few scenes with a couple of other studios.

J: Nice! You have a reputation for being a little shy in person. How does that translate to you being so open and real on film?

C: There’s something about filming sex as it’s happening live that doesn’t faze me. When I get into that mood I don’t even notice the camera or the film crew. I’m doing what I want. I think it is one of those things where I’m just being me and someone is filming it; if I had to act, then it would be over. I would be stiff and unnatural and nothing good would happen. When I’m having sex, though, I always forget that the camera is even there. I have no problem with being nude for thousands of people to see. I think it’s a pretty well known story, but when I was younger, like a teenager, I used to make movies of myself. I had no audience in mind, I was being myself and I liked watching myself afterward.

J: So then you watch the scenes that you’re in?

C: Yeah, I watch them. I like to see how the scene came out. I’ve found that good sex in front of a camera doesn’t always equal a good scene for watching. There have been times where I was watching a scene, and I remember how fucking hot it was and how great it felt, but I’m completely distracted by the noises I’m making, hah! Some of the sounds I make drive me crazy when I watch the scene later. I’ll try to remember it later on but I still make those noises; I guess that’s what I sound like when getting fucked.

J: So before porn, what were you doing for work?

C: You know, I’ve never applied for a job. Before I started doing porn work I worked for my friend at this company that did litigation copy services; I was driving around Austin, delivering copies of legal papers to lawyers all over the place. I saw myself getting comfortable, though, so I moved on. I don’t like Texas very much. I love Austin.

J: Did you ever think of going back to New Orleans?

C: I think that New Orleans was a great place to grow up, but I couldn’t live there. I left before Katrina, but the hurricane really fucked shit up. The city has changed completely from the city that I knew, and on a more personal level, no one I know lives there anymore.

J: What do you think of sites and apps like Grindr or BBRT?

C: I probably spend way too much time on those! Since it has been available, I’ve always been a cyber cruiser. That’s how I met Max and made all of those transitions. I’ve met a lot of guys there that I’m glad to know. Those technologies have gotten me all over the country and all over the world.

Treasure Island Media, Legendary Hole Best of Christian

J: How about the bar scene?

C: I’m not really into going to bars to look for guys. Like you mentioned earlier, I’m shy! I go to a bar and don’t really talk to people, especially not the guys that I’m interested in. I sort of lurk around and look. I’m definitely more of a cyber guy when it comes to meeting men.

J: Do you think exhibitionism and self confidence are the same thing, and how do you think they are linked to porn?

C: I suppose they can be. For a lot of the people I’ve met, though, it’s more of a sign of low self-esteem, trying to get attention. It’s not just limited to exhibitionism, though. You see the same thing in really dramatic guys spreading their drama all over the place.

J: I’m interested to hear your answer to this considering all the variety of men that have fucked you; what sort of men are you attracted to?

C: I guess that’s hard for me to answer. I’m attracted to lots of things. I’ve learned to not be attracted to any one thing. I don’t want to limit myself that way. I mean, obviously I love big dicks. If they have a big dick I can pretty much look past whatever. I used to be really into pretty guys, but I’ve grown out of that. There’s a lot of posturing that goes on with guys who know how good looking they are, and believe me, they all know how good looking they are, haha! I don’t understand sleeping with someone who’s really, really hot but who sucks in bed. To be honest, I’ve gotten to the point now where if I’m getting fucked by a guy that I don’t find attractive, I’m really turned on. It’s a little fucked up, but it opens a lot of possibilities.

J: I get that. Kind of a sub thing.

C: Yeah, a little.

Treasure Island Media,  Legendary Hole Best of Christian

J: Cool. So then, what do you like to do outside of fucking and the porn world?

C: You’re going to think this is hilarious. I have recently been into making dildos, cock rings, ball stretchers, you know, stuff like that.

J: That’s great! How did you even get into that?

C: I met some people who do that, specifically Scott from SquarePeg. I just do it as a hobby. I guess that’s close to fucking, but it’s still only for me.

J: Haha, I’m getting this mental image of Demi Moore in Ghost making that vase!

C: Yeah, that was her hobby! I recently made a molding of Jake Havoc’s dick, so that was fun. I guess “dildo” is a misnomer. A lot of them are penis shaped, but mostly they’re sculptures.

But what else? Um, I don’t really watch TV too often. I did just get into American Horror Story but that has been the first thing in, like, three years. I also really like to read. I’ve been doing it even more now that I have a kindle. I bring it with me everywhere.

J: What sort of things do you like to read?

C: A lot of historical fiction. Neil Stephenson is pretty great. I also read a lot of Dennis Cooper. He wrote some fucked up shit! He writes about serial killers and pedophiles, porn, druggies. It’s really out there but I love it.

J: What has been you favorite scene to shoot with Treasure Island?

C: Oh! The scene that we shot at IML for Breeding Season 2. It’s called “What Happened to Nice.” It’s a small gangbang but it’s long, and it was such a fucking hot scene to be in.

J: Nice! When I was in college, still too poor to be buying porn, I used to play the trailer to Breeding Season 2 and jack off to that. So thank you!

C: Haha, you’re welcome!

J: So, I’ve been curious about the tattoo on your stomach. What does it mean?

C: It’s the album cover to Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m a bit of a geek about musicals.

J: I’ve never seen that show. Did it hurt?

C: Oh it hurt so bad! I was debating for a while over whether to get one or not, and finally this little Latina lady that I used to work with told me to do it. But I didn’t expect that pain! And since it was on my belly I had to hold my breath so that I didn’t move, then I started hyper-ventilating, and it was this huge ordeal! In the end I’m glad I did it, but this is my only tattoo for a reason.

J: Do you have any advice for people who want to start shooting porn?

C: Don’t bother if you don’t want your face shown. I think that’s the thing that I hear most, “I want to be in porn but I don’t want to show my face.” This industry doesn’t really work like that. It comes down to being cool with who you are and not giving a fuck about what other people think.

J: Do you think porn will affect you later on?

C: You mean like work?

J: Yeah.

C: If there’s a job that I can’t have because I’ve done porn, then I shouldn’t be doing that job anyway. I can’t be anything other than what I am and what I want to be. It’s funny, though, because now that I’m thinking about it I sort of get turned on by the judginess and hypocrisy of people like that. I guess if everyone were good and open minded, there would be nothing to turn me on! I guess, for me, I’m glad people are sort of fucked up.

J: Do you have a porn crush?

C: Will Helm. Done and done.

J: You’ve been living in New York for a while now. Obviously you enjoy it. What do you love about the city?

C: I love it here. I love the energy. I live by a lot of the theaters; that’s a big reason I moved here! That and the sex. The men are everywhere! It’s a big tourist destination, so whenever it appears I’m running out of guys in the city to fuck, along comes some hot tourist from South America or Europe!

Treasure Island Media, Legendary Hole Best of Christian

J: Why do you choose to fuck bareback?

C: For every reason! But even beyond pleasure, condoms are for cowards. The more we learn about HIV, the more technology we have to prevent and control and manage the disease, the less people should be so damn terrified. Condoms aren’t infallible, but people cling to them because it’s easier to say “wear a condom every time,” than to be informed about our options and to think critically about what it is to be chained to one type of sex forever when that’s not necessary anymore. A man on meds with an undetectable viral load is essentially HIV negative. It’s good to be informed on your own body and I encourage education and testing, but in the end you’re only negative till you’re poz; A negative person never really knows he’s negative; sex doesn’t stop happening and condoms don’t always work.

Negative and poz are the wrong mentality to take with something like this, because it’s not all the information you need. Education is the best tool we have.

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  2. Christian- watching you smile makes my heart melt. You have the face of an angel. Keep shining! 🙂

  3. I met Christian yesterday in the Boiler bathhouse in Berlin. Smooth and tender – a charming guy.

  4. One of the best in the biz. Hey Christian – I love the sounds you make when you get fucked.

  5. you are awesome man. I just want to give you a giant hug. I love people who aren’t afraid to be real.

  6. A philosophy major in college? Who knew?!?! Brains, and a cumdump?!?! He’s the perfect bottom! We can talk about Aristotle, and then he can take my DNA.

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