CUMSLOPPY STORY || Ass Up and Blindfolded

Story via Smooth Hungry Butthole

Recently, while traveling on business, I was doing the anonymous cock-sucking scene in my hotel room the week before the holidays. I had gotten a couple of horny guys in need of head to stop by and feed me their loads early in the evening, like before 7 pm, but then it got slow. It must have been the cold weather, as not many guys were looking to travel to get off. I started chatting with a horny ass-hungry top on adam4adam, and he let me know that he was craving a smooth tight ass to eat out and play with. Having just shaved my asscrack and nutsack smooth earlier in the evening, I knew that my tight hungry ass was just the remedy for his needs. He told me his desire to rim me out good before fucking me. My asshole started to twitch from the heat and desire his description of what he was going to do.

Treasure Island Media, Butt Snack

Here is an excerpt from our chat:

I want to find you naked and blindfolded when I get to your hotel room. I want your ass to be pushed up in the air with your cheeks spread apart for me when I arrive. I’m going to dive in and push my face between those smooth cheeks to get at that tight little asshole with my tongue. Then I’m going to spend the next hour eating it out … making it loose, and wet, and ready for cock. I have a long tongue that is going to probe your hole deep.

I just knew from that hot chat that this assman was going to prove to be a real good deep rimmer. It turned out that I was right. Around the time the anonymous top said he was gonna show up I took a break from my usual waiting position, sitting in a chair by the entrance to the hotel room facing the door. I had been waiting patiently for more cock to show up but it had gotten real slow, so I turned around and kneeled in the chair to stretch out my back, and I leaned over the back of the chair facing away from the door. That put my asscheeks up and facing the door directly. I stayed that way for awhile, stretching my legs and my lower back by arching my back. I must have dozed off like that, because I awoke to a pair of hands pushing my asscheeks apart and the feeling of a face pressing between my smooth cheeks. The ass-hungry top had arrived while I was sleeping and pushed his face right into my ass upon arriving without waiting to undress. He had entered silently and found me ass-up in the chair. I awoke to hands on each asscheek and the feeling of them being pushed wide open forcefully as a complete stranger aggressively dug his face between my cheeks and his tongue into my spread open asshole. I arched my back and gave my spread ass over to this horny, hungry man, and he took over. He started by alternating long licking strokes with his tongue across the sensitive rim of my asshole and short sharp probing pokes into my hole. His tongue was broad and flat as ran it up from just behind my nuts all the way to the small of my back. My hole quivered and twitched as his slippery tongue slid lazily across my puckered rim. He moaned his hunger for my ass and his satisfaction as he smacked his lips lewdly on my asshole. I started squirming under him as I became more awake and more heated. He was turning me into a horny bitch in heat and I couldn’t get enough of it. He slowed down his strokes and started running the tip of his tongue around my hole as I bent forward more, reached back and gave him a more open target by pulling on my cheeks. I inhaled some strong poppers deeply through my nose and felt my asshole relax and open up under the probing tip of his tongue. He took advantage of my hole opening to probe deeper, slowly applying pressure until my assrim relaxed fully and he slid his tongue inside. My eyes rolled up into the back of my head as I felt him start to slowly tongue-fuck my hole. I hadn’t had my ass eaten out like this in a very long time and I was thoroughly enjoying it. I felt him reach up between my legs and start to pull on my iron-hard cock in rhythm with his tongue sliding in and out of my gripping hole. My asshole tried to close down and grip his slippery tongue, but it couldn’t and all I was able to accomplish was a winking and opening motion that he took advantage of by poking his tongue into my silky chute. About this time he gripped my hips and pulled me back so I couldn’t escape his deep ass-probing, as if I would try! He turned and lay his head face-up on the chair and pulled me upright so that I straddled his face and the he pulled my ass down onto his hungry mouth as I began to pull my asscheeks apart and ride his tongue. His tongue began to probe and lick and twirl in my assrim. He clung to my hips, causing me to squat over his face with my asscheeks split fully apart and pull my open hole onto his mouth. He used his lips to suck on my assrim. He bounced my ass up and down  as he ate me out. I pushed down, smothering him with ass as he got his tongue deep up inside my hole. He began sucking on my hole as he embraced it in a wet, sloppy french-kiss. I began to wiggle and bounce on his face for awhile and then got my feet up underneath me as I got on the balls of my feet and squatted lewdly over his face, providing him with a perfectly opened up target of an asshole for his tongue. I felt a hand on each of my asscheeks as he spread me open as wide as I could go and dug deeper still. My asshole was quivering and clenching around his tongue as if it was a short stubby cock and I tried to grip it but it was too slippery. By now I had sat on his face for a good 15 minutes as he continued to moan and slurp loudly at my hole. The room was filled with wet slurping sounds, my moans of pleasure, and his grunts of satisfaction for a good ass-rimming job well-done. The poppers I was hitting was sending me into bliss and really relaxing my sphincter so that he could deep probe my rectum. After a while I decided that I needed something longer and stiffer in my asshole, so I leaned forward onto the back of the chair and whispered hoarsely “fuck me, fuck me now!” with a croak of need and desperation for cock.

Treasure Island Media, Butt Snack

I heard him stand behind me and fumble with his pants (he had been there a good 30 minutes and had yet to get his hard dick out). I heard a zipper go down and then his pants fall to his feet and then I felt the fat bulb of the end of his cock pushing up against my spread open juicy hole. He put his hands on my round smooth asscheeks and I felt him push them apart as he started to push his way inside my hole. My assrim had been loosened up by his tongue to the point of giving little to no resistance, and the stranger moaned low as his cock sank slowly into my heated quivering quim. My ass was slick with his spit and soon he bottomed out with his hard 6 inch spike. He didn’t waste any time as he started to pull his cock in and out in long thrusting motion, slowly building fuck speed until he was mercilessly pounding my upturned ass.

Treasure Island Media, Spermbank

I reached underneath and tugged on his nuts and that had the intended effect because he gripped my hips and pulled my butt back onto his buried cock as he thrust forward and grunted his release deep in my warm guts. He leaned over my back as he kept humping and flooding my hole, grunting his satisfaction in my ear. 2, 3 4, 5 thrusts and volleys of cum in my spread open hole. Finally his fucking subsided and I used my ass muscles to milk the remnants of his seed load from his nuts as he stayed buried deep in my warmth and savored my squishy silkiness of my seeded asshole. My panting slowed as my asshole released it’s grip and he slowly withdrew his deflating cock. I heard a sigh of satisfaction and him pulling up his pants and zipping them as he patted my smooth upturned asscheeks, whispering, “thanks, that was hot,” and I sensed him turning to leave. I was left alone sweating and fingering a dripping load of creamy spunk in my well-used cunt of an asshole.


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