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Sometimes when I am really tired but not ready to go to sleep it is the best time for me to play with myself. I like to crawl into bed and strip off my underwear and start running my hand lightly over my cock. I have a heavy feeling in my shaft that is tempting me to grab hold and start wanking myself but that is not what I want to do. I like to enjoy the feeling of building up to an intense orgasm.

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I let my fingers touch lightly across the veins bulging on the shaft and then I run my hands down to the balls. The sac is already tightly pulled in because I am so aroused. I shift the balls around just a little and give a tug or two on my scrotum. I keep my balls shaved so the hair is short but there is still some there and I massage my sac I can feel the little hairs. I run my hands down below the balls where there is space between my hole and cock and rub a little bit. That part is rock hard like the rest of the shaft and it feels good to massage there. I like to play with my balls just a little by moving them around, but my ballsac is pretty tight and they shift back to their usual spot as soon as I stop shifting them.

I bring my right hand up and start touching the shaft. I do it lightly and move the penis off to the side a little bit and then let go and let it return to its natural position. I lift it up a bit and let it fall and slap against my abs. The skin around the shaft has a little give and I move it up slightly and then let it slide down again.

I love the ache that I feel in the shaft. I have a strong, constant urge to shoot my load. I imagine a pair lips running across my balls and up my shaft, being very gentile and lightly using the tongue to massage my cock. I lift up on my shaft a few times with just two fingers and let it fall again and hit my stomach.

By now my head of my shaft is leaking pre-cum and so I milk the tube up the shaft and let a droplet form on the head. It is just a little at this point but as I feel my scrotum tighten I know my cock is producing more. I touch lightly the head and spread some of the clear thick fluid around the top. It feels good to rub there because the tip is pretty sensitive. I run my hands across my treasure trail leading down to the base of the cock and lift it up some. The shaft strains to return to its natural position. As it does another droplet of pre-cum forms, this time I am going to taste it.

Treasure Island Media, TIMJack

I curl my back and move my mouth closer to the head. In the morning I am not limber enough to do this, but at night I can usually get my whole head of my shaft into my mouth. I start by licking the droplet of sweet, sticky dew that has formed. It mixes with my saliva and stretches from the tip of my shaft to my lips. I run my tongue around the head and taste the salty flavor of my shaft mixed with the pre-cum. I grip my left hand around the shaft and give it a squeeze and watch as another drop of pre-cum oozes out. I bob my head down and lap it up and then run my tongue across the head a few times.

The ache in my shaft is now really heavy, but and I only grip it lightly. I know that if I were to squeeze too much I would have my eruption right then. I move my hands down to the balls again and grip them lightly and pull a little. The shaft moves a bit as I do this and lifts up. Another drop of pre-cum forms and I smear this droplet across the head again. My fingers run around the ridge and the feeling is electric. The tip is so sensitive and I only need to touch it lightly to send a wave of sensation which runs down the top of the penis. I bob my lips again now over the head and lick the tip again. This time I can feel how close I am to cumming.

I run my tongue around the head and over the sensitive parts of the tip. I can smell my musky oder from the shaft. I love the taste that goes with that smell and as I wrap my lips around the head of my penis I am in total ecstasy.

Treasure Island Media, TIMJack

I decide that I am ready and that I just can’t wait for it any more. I lie back and grip my hand around the shaft and imagine another cock rubbing up against mine. I barely have to squeeze more than once or twice before my whole body spasms and a wave of pleasure is sent from my cock through the rest of my body. Cum shoots all over my chest and abs.

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