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I’ve been hanging out with this guy who isn’t real comfortable with the whole “bareback thing.” He’s super hot, so I have been trying to think of ways we could have fun, even though he’s missing out on the feeling of my raw cock in his raw hole.

We were playing dress up with my leather one night. Fuck, he looked hot! He knew it, too, because he was sporting a stiff boner and a perky bubble ass that had me ready to rape him! He had no idea what the leather was going to do to him and his sex drive. This must’ve been like nitro in his engine. Somehow, it put him into high gear. We kept it all on and played for a few hours. I buried my face in his ass and licked him for what felt like an hour! #ButtSnack He sucked my cock for a while I sucked his.

I was wearing some bondage shorts and he couldn’t wait to free my cock from the confines of the leather pouch to taste my cock. He slurped on it, making some serious sounds. I know he wants my bare cock in his hole. He’s just nervous to let loose. (I usually don’t have the patience for that kind of nonsense, because there are a lot of horny dudes out there. However, this guy is so smoking hot!) In my mind, I’m imagining how we can get into the more intense stuff. Should I feed him some g so he will beg me to give him my cock and load? Should I tie him up and make him give in to my demands? Maybe keep him locked away for a couple days? I know he wants it. I just have to make him realize how badly he wants it. I think he’s just into the bad boy image I have. I’m admittedly into the good boy image he has. Sounds like a match made in the playroom, doesn’t it?

Treasure Island Media, Cumsloppy Buttholes

After wrestling with a condom for a few minutes – fuck, I hate condoms! – I started to slide my cock into his hole. I let him get used to having me stretch his hole open and then I started pumping a little harder. Before long he was taking my cock, balls deep and actually begging for more! What a trooper! I love guys who can take the whole thing! There’s nothing more frustrating than being an inch or two away from being all the way in. Those guys who whine and say that it’s too big, don’t get a second chance. Just saying. (So be warned! Take it like a man, or don’t waste my time!)

I pounded his ass real good. He started squirting his load all over his chest and I pulled out and yanked the condom off and squirted into the puddle he started. I laid down on him an smeared our loads together. He wasn’t really freaked out by that. Maybe there’s hope for him, yet.

The other night, we went to a leather party and he wore my chaps and a snug harness. His big chest was framed perfectly by the black leather and the strings hanging down the back of the waist of the chaps were hanging down into his crack saying, “Taste me! Taste me!” I spun him around and spread his cheeks and started eating his ass, making all the guys around us jealous.

Treasure Island Media, Cumsloppy Buttholes

We showed off for a while and he got lots of attention. He wasn’t ready to play with many others that night, but he will probably go with me to other parties. I think he’s hooked on the idea of leather. It’s just for dress up for him, but who doesn’t like dressing up in something that makes you look and feel hot?

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