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After an amazing week with Patch our Pup staying with us, I found myself feeling a little down on Sunday afternoon after he had left for home on the South Coast. This is the first time his playful behaviour and endearing, slightly nervous disposition had filled our home for such a prolonged time and he had imprinted himself here. It kind of felt a little empty now and that feeling was rubbing off on me. Although I had realised that our double bed was woefully small to accommodate three fully grown men in the long term, his absence from it was already noticeable. I needed to do something to counter this growing feeling before I went on a proper downer.

The Huspig was chilling next to me. We had been fucking pretty much non-stop since the Pup had left and his heavy lids spoke volumes considering it was only three PM. His exhaustion stemmed mostly from the fact he had been off all week and had been busy training the Pup and keeping him occupied. I knew he was in a happy place, but was totally fucked at the same time. He looked up at me as I rose from the bed.

“What’s the matter? You look all fidgety and restless?” He could tell something was up.

I needed to be relentlessly fucked by as many guys as possible. The prospect of this daunted me as my experiences of group sex in Lambeth had left me feeling more than slightly unfulfilled of late. I needed something a little less fucked up and with a little more certainty that I would find a congregation of horny men with hard cocks and loads to shoot. It wasn’t long before HusPig offered a solution which ticked all my boxes.

“Peter just texted to say he is going to SBN and asked if we wanted to join him? I can’t be arsed but you’re welcome to go if you like. I know you have been hankering after going for months now.” He knew before he had even finished speaking. I must have looked like the kid who just found his stash of Xmas presents in his parents’ wardrobe!

SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) is an event at The Hoist, a sleazy fetish fuck bar in Vauxhall, just up the road from where we live. Every Sunday from one till seven the Railway arches of The Hoist fill with horny blokes, stripped naked and horned up to fuck the shit out of each other. Well, this is what I had heard; you see, I had not been to SBN before. This was to be my first time.

Treasure Island Media, Man Cunt

Peter picked me at 4.30. I had made sure my ass was extra clean. I had been told to come home with an ass full of cum. I didn’t want to be feeding the hubby jizz from my ass which had been churned to brown sludge by the time I arrived home. Therefore I was extra thorough.

On arrival I was almost shaking with excitement. I love The Hoist, it has heralded some significant moments for me in my piggy journey.

“It’s his first SBN!” Peter announced to the doorman as we entered.

“He’s gonna be eaten alive in there!” he chuckled as he handed me a bin liner.

The changing area was full. Half the guys were getting dressed, half were undressing. My heart sank a little at the thought that people were leaving already, but my spirits rose again when I peeked into the coat check to drop in our bin liners of clothes. It was chock full!

Walking through the swing doors into the bar area I was confronted by a mass of naked man flesh and the distinct earthy musky tang of a room filled with men fucking. I love that smell! The place was heaving. We casually ordered a few pints of beer and calmly stood at the bar for 5 minutes. Peter watched me; I could tell he was aware of just how eager I was to throw myself into the play area.

“I’m first in that arse of yours, OK.” It was not a question. We did a quick circuit round the bar area and were soon stopped by a horny skinhead sporting a nice fat cock. Instinctively I fell to my knees and sucked on his and Peter’s cocks, savouring the dewdrops of precum oozing from both. Peter brought me back up to my feet and spun me round. He spat on his hand and rubbed it into my hole. We were being watched by lots of guys around us and my own cock became instantly hard as I felt him push into me. He fucked me up against a mesh partition, pushing my face into the grating.

“You’re surprisingly tight!” he whispered into my ear as he fucked away.

“You cheeky cunt.” I grinned back at him.

Wanting to save his load for later he pulled out and suggested we head into the play area. The game was afoot. Within minutes of wandering through the fuck maze I felt several hands grope at my ass. From what I could see the majority of the guys were handsome and in good shape. But I had already decided my ass was going to be a free-for-all so being picky wasn’t really on my agenda. I was on a cum harvest mission! Soon enough I was getting tag teamed amongst a large group of vers guys. Being the focal point of a four-way spit roast with another more predominantly bottom guy had me feeling very sleazy.

Knowing the four cocks were sharing ass juices and spit between the two of us.

Feeling like a piece of meat as they swapped and changed between our gobs and holes.

Tasting the cum on their cocks from the other bottom as they went from ass to mouth.

I was in my element! It seemed that condoms are lube were not something which were used much at SBN.

Peter had been watching and joined in along with several other guys. Soon enough the tell-tale judders and groans of spunk being spewed deep inside me caused a mini chain-reaction; before I knew it I had five deposits of cum mixing in my ass.

“Time for a little break and another pint I think”, Peter asked as he chaperoned me back to the bar.

Knowing it was wise advice, (reluctantly) I followed him. I was on a roll and my ass was hungry for more cock! Back at the bar I clenched as I felt a little cum trickle from my hole and down the inside of my leg. Peter was grinning at me. I grinned back!

“Let’s have a look upstairs for round two”, he suggested as we polished off the last of the beer.

On the upper floor of the play area it was even busier! We carefully pushed our way through guys fucking and getting fucked, fisting, felching, sucking and spitting. We settled next to a chain net and I moved to face into it, gripping the edges. My was ass pointing towards the crowd, my cock sticking through the net. Within seconds I looked back to see a hot hung muscle daddy moving in on my ass. He started rubbing what felt like something the size of a small fist over my wet hole and, as he wrapped his muscled forearm round my neck to hold me still, he pushed it in.



Deeper and deeper he worked this mass of meat into me without relinquishing his hold on my throat.

MAN-CUNT, Treasure Island Media, Liam Cole

“Take it all boy. I can tell you can!” he growled into my ear as he forced the final few inches into me. It hurt. But it was a pleasant pain I had not had for a long time. That stretch is fucking awesome! I glanced down and a hot ass was pushing back onto my cock and benefiting from the firm thrusts which were coming from behind me. I didn’t want him to stop! I didn’t want this stretch sensation to end! But the feeling of him unloading nearly caused me to shoot myself. He ripped his cock out of me and with a brief husky “thank you” he disappeared into the crowd before I could reply. I looked down in the successive gaps I could see as the guy in front of me carried on riding my cock. I saw a pool or wetness between my feet. But before I could stand down and compose myself another cock was burying itself inside me. The onslaught on my ass continued and my cock continued to get used by three guys in front of me. Another three loads later, Peter rescued me from the chain mesh and we reconvened back to the bar. I was shaking slightly as we drank down another half pint each.

“One more go round and we’ll leave at eight, OK?” Feeling sated already, I agreed (SBN turns into NBN [Nearly Bollock Naked] at seven PM). We had only been there two-and-a-half hours and my ass was feeling tender and abused already!

On the final cruise around the place had started to empty out a bit and there was more space to play. We spotted one of the slings and decided to wait for it to become available. It seemed that Peter had taken it upon himself to pimp my ass out and whilst we waited he carolled several guys to take turns on my ass.

“The sling’s free, get your ass in there!” I welcomed the break for my legs.

Guy after guy took their turn on my increasingly sore hole. I was indeed being relentlessly fucked and it felt fucking great! In the background I could see the silhouette of a tall muscular guy with a very long banana bent cock proudly sticking upwards from his groin. He seemed to be patiently waiting his turn. I knew it was coming and, if I’m honest, I was a little scared. My ass was starting to feel pretty battered. His turn came around and he flashed an evil smile at me as he rammed the whole length balls deep. He used his well-built frame to pound me furiously. I was not quiet! But in between my moans and exclamations, I had two of the other guys who had been fucking me previously stood either side pushing their cocks into my mouth. He kept on at my ass with a ferocious and aggressive pace as they both shot their loads over my face, into my mouth and over my chest. He stopped fucking me.

“This load’s not for you boy”, he taunted as he walked away. I kind of expected it. But it made me smile. My ass felt trashed!

Peter helped me from the sling and complimented me on how much I could take. My head was fuzzy with the endorphins my brain was pumping out! We went for one final walk around upstairs and one of the first guys we had played with was smiling at me from the balcony over the bar.

“I’ve not cum yet. You want my load fella?” he asked as he pushed me over.

Would have been rude to say no! He had been saving it till the end and I felt kind of honoured I was the guy to get it. He kissed me on the lips and winked as he left. It seemed a fitting end for a very horny evening.

Treasure Island Media, Man Cunt

When we arrived home HusPig’s eyes lit up when Peter told him I had over ten loads in me and as he slurped on my tender abused cunt I shuddered and gasped, pushing out the supper he had patiently waited for me to bring home for him.

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