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It was Gay Pride Weekend in June of 2004. Max Sohl had just released his first movie with
Treasure Island and Paul Morris’ crew came to Manhattan to film a New York City installment of Damon Blows America. A group suck off party was just winding down when in walked a young man with an angelic face and a mohawk. 

He introduced himself as Christian and the rest is Treasure Island Media history. 

Fourth in the legendary anthology series of the greatest scenes by the studs of TIM, this is the first to focus on the adventures of a bottom. Christian embodies the spirit of Treasure Island and his insatiable desire for cum – either down his throat or up his perfect hole. It is next to impossible to find a top in any major city in the world that hasn’t fucked him. Men will identify themselves to us as bottoms and then add, “but I did fuck Christian.” 

Hand picked by Christian himself from his impressive 50 scene TIM discography; this ultimate 3-disc collection runs the gamut from his most memorable swallow scenes to his intimate 1-on-1 fuckings, and all out balls to the wall gangbangs. 

LEGENDARY HOLE – BEST OF CHRISTIAN features 2 all NEW exclusive scenes directed by Max Sohl especially for this release. A scorching hot 1-on-1 with Army man DJ breeding Christian, and a new gangbang featuring Drew Sebastian, Red, and Jimmie Slater.

But that’s not all…

We have put together the biggest cumshot review EVER that shows EVERY load that Christian has taken at Treasure Island Media in the last 9 years. Not just the ones already seen – the NINE YEAR CUM COUNT includes cumshots from both lost and yet to be released scenes and features just about every top that Treasure Island Media has worked with. It is not to be missed by Christian fans. – Max Sohl

Scene 1 – Well-bred Once in a while two guys get together and the fit is fuckin’ perfect. You’ve experienced it. It’s suddenly like two men become parts of a bigger and wilder animal. It’s a matter of lust and chemistry, and the mix was just right with top-stud Austin Shadow and Christian. This was one of those rare moments in porn where hardly an edit was needed to make it perfect. The fucking between these two was . . . flawless.

Scene 2 – Tantalizing Treat As much as he is an amazing cumdump, Christian is also a consummate cocksucking jizz drinker as demonstrated in this tantalizing poolside blowjob. Kneeling at the foot of skater punk Billy and his massive uncut meat, our resident cockhound worships the boys dick — licking and slurping and begging to be fed a good load of Fresh Grade A sperm.

Scene 3 – Christian and Ethan Sexxtin When Christian learned that stud Ethan Sexxtin was in town for a family reunion he called us up and demanded a chance to get Ethan’s big ol’ bull-cock up inside him.


Scene 4 – Linin’ Up Christian “entertains” a roomful of horny studs in need of release. One after the other, these dudes squirt big thick gobs of hot sticky sweetness all over little Christian’s eager smiling mug. All this guy wants is cock, cum, and more of both! By the end of the scene Christian’s face is a mess of overlappin’ sperm trails, and his tummy is swimming with a mixed-up happy-soup of semen.

Scene 5 – Christian & Sean Hunter Sean Hunter, a young raw topman put in a request for a chance to ride Christian’s obliging butt. And we are never one to say no to a good idea. In Sean’s living room, Christian bent over and offered up his ass and Sean slid his big extra-long schlong deep and set to riding Christian hard.

Scene 6 – Luv Feastin The unstoppable Christian is up ‘n’ at ’em again, ready to blow some more. Cockmaster Lloyd and hung, uncut Adrian are more than happy to oblige. While Christian is the consummate cock-slut, luvin’ every cock on the planet, you can see that he immediately falls for ADRIAN’s long fat heavy-hangin’ dong – with its thick overhang of foreskin. 


Scene 7 – Christian’s Brutal Gangbang Phoenix Michaels, Franco Dax, Eric Wolfe, Brett Anderson, Alex Pitt, Austin Shadow and Ben Jones join forces to fuck the livin’ daylights out of Christian. Christian likes it rough. He likes to get fucked so hard that he can still feel it a couple of days later. So these brutal fuckers had free rein to fuck that smooth perfect man-ass as hard and deep as they could.

Scene 8 – What Happened To Nice You’ve heard the term “power bottom.” Men use it all the time but rarely know what it truly means. To get the definition of the real-deal power-bottom, just take a gander at Christian. This man is the quintessential no-nonsense, dick-taunting cum-sponge, an absolutely insatiable cockslut with no limits whatsoever.

Scene 9 – Anatomy of a Gangbang Christian has already proven himself to be a crowd-pleaser in every sense of the word. Not only do you T.I.M. men love him and beg to see more, but put this whore-boy in a room full of charged-up studs and it’s a wonder to watch him go to work. In this scene, the angelic slut takes on a raunchy gang of men who use and abuse him until the poor bottom’s ass is dripping hot cock-juice. The gangbang itself is solid white-hot action delivered by the likes of Daniel Bradford, Cory Brandon, Javier, Kurt Kaiser, Chris Rod and Sean Victor. 

Scene 10 – City Hole Christian isn’t used to begging. When you look like he does and have a fuckhole that’s a worldwide legend you don’t have to work hard to get what you want. But he begged and whimpered when we hooked him up for a return fuck with Eric Wolfe.

Scene 11 – Crucified Christian has a fetish for huge toys penetrating his hole, so we brought in super-hung Latino porn star Tony Serrano for his long-overdue Treasure Island Media debut. Tony works Christian over with a variety of “interesting” dildos and butt plugs—including a fire-engine-red crucifix.

Scene 12 – Resurrection After giving Christian’s hole the crucifixion it required, Tony can’t hold back and finally steps up to breed the boy’s ready butt. He plows, pounds and digs for gold with his massive uncut prick before sperminating the man’s willing ass.

Scene 13 – Confession Christian stops at a tearoom and encounters horse hung Kurt Wood. He drops to his knees to taste Kurt’s meat. Then Kurt bends him over the toilet—and is genuinely surprised when he tastes all the cum already leaking from Christian’s ass. Before long, Kurt has Christian staked in the stall and adds his juice to the already cum-filled hole.

Scene 14 – Eucharist A late night early morning hotel gangbang finds Christian at the center of a room full of horny men waiting to use him. Brandon Aquilar, Ryan Foxx, Carl Filmore, Dimitri Santiago, and Zachary Blackwell take turns going back and forth filling both our hero’s holes until the cum is overflowing and Christian is covered in sperm.

Scene 15 – Christian & Mr. Marky Mr. Marky is an aggressive, brutal topman with an indomitable drive to get off. Simultaneously he’s an all too adorable male specimen who approaches each new hole with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store–including his endearing signature thumb-sucking during and after fucking.

Scene 16 – Meat When megahung Hot Rod discovers notorious slut bottom Christian waiting in the MEAT RACK, his primal instincts kick in and in no time at all, he has the ravenous fuck junkie bent over a tree trunk, impaled by his 10-inch monster of a cock. Even after Hot Rod breeds poor Christian’s hole with a huge load of cum, the domineering stud keeps plowing away with astounding relentlessness, until he drives a second payload of his precious nut into that greedy hole. Christian slurps up every drop of sperm–and then, good cumwhore that he is, implores the stallion topman to stick it in one more time.

Scene 17 – Christian & Trevor Snow The air is thick with anticipation as Christian, blindfolded and gagged, waits on his knees. As soon as the gag comes off, Christian dives in and gorges himself on Trevor’s meat, driven by instinct and need. Once the blindfold is gone, Trevor pulls Christian to his knees, only to bend him over and eat out his sweet ass. Replacing his tongue with his turgid cock, the topman thoroughly pounds Christian into submission in multiple positions, ultimately dumping a white hot load of gooey spooge.

Scene 18 – Christian & DJ When Christian first saw DJ he told us he wanted his load. Starting off on his knees, Christian uses his mouth to prepare DJ’s perfect cock for his hole. Once they get going there is no stopping the powerful pounding that follows. On all fours, on his back, riding his huge cock, DJ and Christian strike a rhythm that can only lead to one thing. When Christian wants someone’s load it is a pretty safe bet he is going to get it.

Scene 19 – Full Moon Gangbang TIM exclusive Drew Sebastian leads a pack of rabid tops wrecking Christian’s hole. Red, Jimmie Slater and Devin Moss take turns ravaging the boy and he takes every thrust as only Christian can. This scene includes an amazing orgasm inducing double penetration breeding as Drew and Red open the boy’s hole up with their massively thick cocks.


Scene 19 – Full Moon Gangbang Have you ever wondered how many men have cum in your hole? Clocking in at over 90 spectacular minutes of cumshot, after cumshot, after cumshot we have put together the biggest cumshot compilation in the history of Treasure Island Media. The waves of jizz don’t stop and document EVERY load that Christian has taken for us in the last 9 years.

And not just the ones already seen – the NINE-YEAR CUM COUNT includes cumshots from a few recently discovered lost scenes and several soon to be released Christian breedings shot both in New York, and London by Max and Liam Cole. Derek Anthony, Austin Shadow, Brad McGuire, Antonio Biaggi, Jerry Stearns, Dan Fisk, Keer, Lito Cruz, Fyerfli, Eddie and Peto Coast are just a handful of the literally hundreds of men who have bred Christian.

Can you guess how many loads Christian has taken for Treasure Island Media?


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