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I was on top on him, riding his cock, when he said, “You’re going to make me cum.” I could have pulled off him, but instead I sat deeper onto his cock, taking the entire length of his fat shaft. I rode him slowly and I felt him bucking, heard his breathing get heavy. For a split second I thought, Should I be doing this? But I knew I wasn’t going to do anything but take his load. And then he said it: “Fuck! Fuck, I’m cumming in you!” I reached down and felt his tight balls as they unloaded in me.

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We were doing what came naturally: He was breeding me and I was being a good boy and taking it. I was accepting what he had to give to me. I was serving as his cum dump.

He stayed in me maybe half a minute as he caught his breath. Then I pulled up a bit as he pulled out. My hole felt so fucked, so empty. He just looked and me and smiled and said, “Dude.” It occurred to me he probably forgot my name; I’d definitely already forgotten his!

I reached down and fingered my hole a bit. I was still so open, so stretched. I leaned back. Kissing him with my eyes closed I thought about what just happened between us—how his semen was now coating my insides. I felt so lucky. I felt like we hadn’t just fucked. We’d gone further—I’d opened myself up to him completely, and in gratitude he’d consecrated my hole with his sperm. I’d only just met him and yet we made love without any barriers. (We’d fucked at first with a condom, but then we took a break, I took it off him, and then he didn’t put another one on.)

Still kissing him, I tightened and loosened my hole. And then it happened: My asshole quivered a bit and I felt his sperm slowly leaking out.

Treasure Island Media, Legendary Hole, Chrisitian

It was the most beautiful feeling. He’d marked me and here was the evidence.

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