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He had been hitting me up in spurts every few months. Initially, he saw my profile on BBRT and contacted me. At that point I told him that I am an escort and pointed him to my ad.

He is in his early forties, average build, white, hairy bottom.

Treasure Island Media, Slammed

About a year after his first initial contact, he contacted me to meet. I was leary at first because he had made a previous appointment and cancelled. I gave him a second shot, primarily because he described himself as a “bareback pig.” Normally, when I escort condoms are the norm, so, because I am nothing if not a breeder, I jumped at the opportunity to seed this pig.

His text leading up to the appointment at his apartment asked if I “mind if I party?”

I said “that’s fine, I don’t smoke T but do what you do.”

He replied “I am going to need my ass fucked and filled.” Something about a tweaked out BB bottom turns me the fuck on.

Treasure Island Media, Slammed

I got there, and after a few pleasantries, we started making out, playing with each others nipples, and stripping off our clothes. I told him to “lead me to the bedroom.” We got there and I pushed him on his knees, grabbed his head with both my hands and pumped my seven inch cock in and out of fuck face. Of course, on a few of the strokes I went pubes deep and held his head til he started choking. Nothing seems to get pigs started like being dominated with a good face fuck to start things off.

I told him to get on his back where I proceed to lube up his raw hole and my cock. I didn’t use much, as his saliva was still richly coating my cock. I pushed in and asked how he liked “my raw cock in his cum hole?” He didn’t reply, he was panting so hard. I just kept pumping in and out. After a few minutes, I flipped him on his stomach and pounded him from behind. He was fucking loving it and eventually was begging for me to seed his ass. I said “are you ready,” and he insisted saying “give me that load sir.” I complied and flooded his hole with my DNA. Having broken a good sweat, I collapsed on the bed. Feeling inside his ass with his finger he comments, “damn, you really do cum a lot. Fuck, I can feel it! I love it.” We both were satisfied.

Treasure Island Media, Slammed, Anton

After a while, I cleaned up, he paid me, and I left.

Damn, I love what I do!

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