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Naked. Face down. Flat on the floor. Staring at a carpet. Big hands on my hips holding my butt firmly. Motionless. Positioned by him. Made ready to be taken. No squirming possible. His hands shift, press on my back, holding me down. Still. Helpless. His body, huge, much taller, broader, more muscular and heavier. My frame, short, compact.

A long, wide, hard shaft is placed down the length of my ass cheeks. His big engorged cockhead drags up and down my ass cleavage, searching for the entry point. The cockhead finds its mark. His hands go to my hips, pulling. Pressure. The tip of the cockhead pushing into me, millimetres at a time, forcing me open. The aching begins, my butt stretching as the thick cockhead gains preliminary entry. A moan from my throat, a response to the ache. There is no let up. My hips pulled harder. The large flared cockhead drives aside my flesh, making room for itself. More pressure and, suddenly, the bulbous cockhead is in me, past the muscle ring. A sharp jolt. Meaty hands hold me still as I jerk with the pain.

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The girth of his cock holds my ass cheeks wide. Its great length moves deeper inside me, inch by inch, disappearing. I feel its progress, pushing into me, the width of the cockhead and shaft shift my insides to make way for the entire thickness and magnitude of his cock. The aching continues. The huge cock still moves deeper into me. I try to shift, change the angle of entry. The full weight of his big body suddenly comes down on me, focused on my butt. His cock slams in. I am pinned to the floor. Immobilized. The aching intensifies.

Heat from his enormous thighs pressed to my butt cheeks radiates, hot on my ass. His large hands covering much of my back are hot as they press me down. He shifts his hips, changing the angle of his penetration and slips deeper into my butt. The aching continues. I can feel my insides shifting, shoved aside by the massive intruder.

His hands move and he lays fully on me, his cock is all the way in. My own cock and balls trapped between me and the floor, flattened by his weight. His stroking begins. His cock moves in and out, short distances. Slowly the ache disappears. The rock hard hugeness inside me moves freely, quicker and quicker. His big body is on top of me. Weighing on me, controlling any movement. I feel sweat from his body on my skin. I hear his moans, his excitement. I feel his breath on my neck, smell his body, feel the sensations in my butt as he strokes in rapidly. I am held fast, immobilized by the large guy’s weight and strength. I now know I will be held still throughout. I will not move, nor shift of my own accord. I am now only a warm fleshy conduit for the thrusts of his solid, thick cock. No participation is possible by me.

A pause, his cock is now shifting from side to side with his hips. More stretching to accommodate the new motion. More aching. I’m filled fully. I hear sounds of his pleasure above me. He takes slow deep strokes into me. Clearly I’m dominated. Pinned to the floor. Trapped. Carpet below; hot, sweaty, thrusting hips pressing on me from above. Broad, thick hips humping my butt slowly, pulling out his cock, then driving it back in. I realize I am now intimately connected to the big body by his monster rod exploring far inside me, surrounded by me. Part of him in me, plundering my ass freely as he desires. His hard, hot flesh inside me, connecting me to him, controlling me. I feel helpless. My ass and his cock are sharing bodily warmth as he strokes into my butt. He is doing what he wants, at his pace. He is enjoying the sensations. My motionless body providing sexual stimulation to his bulging thick shaft. He strokes in slowly, moaning at the sexual sensations of his cock slipping through my flesh.

Wide hands grip my hips, move me to a different angle. I have no choice, no controlled movement, my whole body is placed by him where he desires. He takes his weight on his knees, but his hands hold my hips to him solidly. I am moved into a doggie style position, on my hands and knees. More thrusting as he kneels behind me, his hands tightly holding my hips, controlling all my movement. He is changing pace, pulls all the way out, slaps my ass, then plunges in deep. My ass is stinging. He repeats the slapping.

He leans fully over me, his long arms and legs rest on the floor. I am still on my hands and knees, trapped, fully under him, still connected to him by his enormous cock. I feel his hot sweaty torso on my back, his legs on the backs of my legs, his arms on the fronts of my arms. He envelops me. I feel his breath on my neck, I hear his panting, his mouth is inches from my ear. I am surrounded by his overwhelming body, engulfed by his size. His huge cock buried in me, moving in me. I am blanketed by him, his body has invaded mine, imposing his desires and will on me. He pauses, a moment frozen in time, I am enveloped by his steamy body, his massive hot cock deep in my stretched butt claiming his pleasure. His paramountcy established as his body surrounds mine, he absorbs the satisfaction of his full appropriation of my smaller, now compliant body for his own sexual delight.

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I cannot move but he can. He begins to flex his hips, driving his monster cock in and out of me. Pleasuring himself with my ass. He then begins to hump me, slowly, then faster. Suddenly he arches above me, weight on his knees, his back straightens, his hands move to my shoulders as his hips flex wildly. He is mounted on my ass like a gigantic dog taking a diminutive bitch in heat, his long hard cock connecting us, controlling me. He humps me like a dog, his flexing hips drive his cock rapidly in and out. I feel his fingernails scratching down my back like claws. His grunts sound like snarls. He freely fucks my ass as he is mounted over me. His nails scratch down my back again. He is the huge feral top dog. I play the role of the petite bitch in heat, sniffed out, caught by the head of the pack, fucked into submission by his huge cock, the pack leaders cum destined for my ass. His thick long cock plunders my ass at will. He draws himself up over me, tall, broad shouldered, to emphasize his supremacy over my little body.

He slows and drops back over me, hands on the floor, enveloping me again with his hot sweaty body. He clearly enjoys this position, humping me longer and longer while I am fully trapped. His paramountcy self evident. His hard rod pistoning in and out of my ass while his immense body surrounds mine.

The thrusting slows then stops, I’m still held doggie style, but he leans back on to his knees. Using his hands and strength, he pulls and pushes my hips back and forth. My whole body, my ass is moved back and forth over his thick, long shaft. His hands on my hips pull my widely stretched butt onto his rigid, motionless thick shaft. Again and again he moves my body, slowly pushes me away, exposing most of the shaft of his cock to the air, then he pulls me quickly to his thighs, his rigid pole motionless as I’m pulled on to it. He does it slowly, he does it quicker. He does it hard and my ass slams into his thighs. My whole body is being pushed and pulled. His great strength easily moves my light body. Again and again his long rigid thick shaft impales my ass as I am pulled back to his hips. He moves my hips at will, I have no control, he shifts the angle of impaling my butt on his monster shaft. He twists my hips while pulling so I rotate on his hard rod while it is impaling my butt. He moans loudly in enjoyment.

The image of my body turned into a living Fleshlight flits through my mind. My ass is used to surround his monstrous cock with compliant flesh, a warm, living toy. Then he moves me back and forth over his rod, at whatever speed he wants, fully controlling his own sexual gratification. Masturbating, using my fully controlled butt to provide the sexual stimulation. His big cock being pleasured by a compliant living breathing sex toy. The inside of my ass keeps his cock aroused and hard, increasing his sexual satisfaction.

His panting breath flows over my sweat covered back. I’m pushed flat on my chest onto to the floor. His cock comes out of me. He kneels behind and drives his cock deep. I am trapped between the floor and his massive moving body. I groan with the pain as my own balls are trapped and crushed by the blow. Large thighs are pressed to the back of mine. His humping of my ass starts again, slowly. He lays on my back. His body radiates heat. Sweat collects between us.

I cannot move. I am not even able to push my hips back. He shifts his weight, laying fully on my back, my chest pressed to the rug. The domination of my short body continues. His skin is pressed to mine. I am feeling panic rising from being trapped, from my ass being continually ravaged. My butt fully subservient, being used for self indulgence, for sexual pleasure, for generating more excitement. I feel the sensations of the huge cock pumping in and out of me while immobilized, unable to move. The hot massive wide pole stroking into me at will, freely plunging deep into by my captive warm butt at the speed and depth he wants. His massive body on me makes my body seem even smaller. I try to squirm away, my panic is seeping out. I want to move. I want the monster out of my butt. With one deep thrust his whole weight descends on my butt. I am speared by his huge cock as its driven deep into my ass. My thighs crushed to the rug. I cease squirming. He continues, his prerogative to fuck me how he wants reaffirmed. The role of my flesh is to provide him with sexual excitement, sexual fulfillment, shifted only to provide more stimulation for him. He grunts as he takes whatever pleasure he wants with my ass.

Then deep, deep thrusting, rapid intensity. He raises himself up off my back. His strong hands grabbing my small hips and pulling my butt, driving his large hard cock deeper. The shaft is growing even longer in me, stretching, my insides shoved aside, creating more space for the growing monster rock hard cock. I ache but it turns to numbness. There is louder grunting and groaning from above, rapid hot breath is panting on my neck, his gigantic hips slamming into me. His cock is driven far into me, rapidly. His hard cock, a javelin driving into me. I hear a loud cry, I feel his back arch, his hands push down on my shoulders, his hips flex and his now extended cock buries itself even deeper in my ass. His balls begin to empty his cum. His cum shot far into my trapped butt. He moans. Sharp thrusts, more cum shooting deep into me. The leader of the pack filling the little stray bitch with his cum. A long groan emits from his throat, my body being filled by his cum, my body used to generate his sexual self-gratification. Used as a fuck toy, used to excite his cock to massive size. My body now a receptacle for his fluid, for his cum. Again and again he pumps in. His cum makes my ass slippery, his thrusts are faster, easier. More moans of sexual release. His cock remains hard, his sweat profuse, his whole damp chest pressed to my back, his hips flexing, driving his cock in, his groans guttural as he pleasures his cock in my ass. He moans loudly as he shoots more cum with each deep stroke. The smell of sex fills my nose. A slowing of the pumping. I smell the scent of his cum oozing out around his cock. Then his body is on me as he collapses in exhaustion. His whole weight resting on me. I am pressed to the floor, still fully controlled. His ample cock throbbing in my butt. His thick rod providing an exclamation point to his large body’s domination of my small body. His occupies my ass, his cum filling me, part of him still deep in me, his body encompassing mine.

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I tighten my bum, squeezing his still hard cock. The one possible action I can do. I squeeze his cock hard. My first participation. I hear moans from above, then grunts. He uses his hands and lifts partially off my back. There are several more deep thrusts as he flexes his hips. I clamp and release my butt around the enormous tool. Groans as his balls squeeze more cum into me. Then short slow thrusts as the grunts grow louder in response to my clamping and releasing. My actions creating more sexual pleasure surrounding his thrusting cock. Then, one final pulling out, almost all the way, then he drives in, his hips flex hard, slamming my insides, his battering ram fills my ass. Another reminder of his body possessing mine, of his massive body’s subjugation of my small body. With one last long groan, his balls ooze out even more of his cum. He stops, collapses fully on me again.

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