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This weekend, Max brought home a new puppy. His name is Jordan. He’s 23, beardy and visiting from Kentucky. It’s fun having a puppy in the house. You have to train them and keep them busy. It’s also fun because I can totally see myself in him. (Literally and figuratively!) Like Jordan, I was coming to SF when I was 23 and had dreams of moving here to live the life I’ve always dreamed of. I, too, was also really turned on by SF daddies.

We all went out for a few drinks in the Castro. The chemistry was amazing. We were all over each other and, of course, we were doing the three-way tongue wrestling. I was reaching under his shirt and feeling the little tuft of curly hair on his lower back. I said to him, “I bet you have the hottest hairy ass.” He said, “I do! I call it my Kentucky Blue Grass!” I said, “I can’t wait to go digging in your back yard!”

Yes, that really happened. I know, I know.

Before long, my finger was teasing his hole. I gave my finger a lick and reached my hand back down in his jeans to feel his hole some more. His hole was tight and puckered so nicely. I was getting worked up, and I wanted more! My cock was hard and I was definitely gonna get it into his hole. Could we find a dark corner somewhere so I could sneak my cock inside of him? He kept giving me the eye and I was getting more and more excited.

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We finally made it to my house. As we stood in the kitchen, we made out some more and our shirts came off and our dicks came out of our pants. My kitchen is all windows, so just staying here was turning me on even more. We were ready to move this party to the bedroom. I sat down on the foot of the bed and grabbed his cock with my mouth and started pushing it down my throat. It has a nice curve downward and some good length to it. It was gonna be fun watching this hot youngster shoot his load. Was I gonna swallow it? Will I get it in my ass? All I know is that I was gonna blow the biggest load I’ve shot in forever!

The three of us hopped on the bed and continued to fool around. Max had already been there, so he let me enjoy my new puppy. I finally got the chance to taste his hole. I pushed his legs up and over his head and that hole was puckered so purty! I used my tongue to start opening him up. His hole was surrounded with the most beautiful curly fur. Just enough to get entangled in my beard while I slobbered around with my tongue. YUM!

He had told me that he only wanted to play safe. I was willing, because he was so fun! But when it came time to get my man meat into his boy hole, he was ok with letting me slide it in raw. FUCK that turns me on! Knowing that I’m encouraging him to break his purity rules and take a raw poz cock in his innocent (HA!) neg hole, makes my dick throb!

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He was tight at first, but I took my time. I didn’t want to hurt the boy. He pulled me into him and asked me to hold it there. I know that feeling. It’s hitting deep spots that don’t normally get hit and stretching his sphincter, it’s kinda heaven. It also gives his kidney and liver and heart a chance to find new placements… I’m just kidding.

We fucked for an hour, changing positions and making him clean my dick off and telling him how much I wanted to put it back in his hole. I got down and ate his hole like I was eating my load out of his ass. He was really turned on and he shot his load all over his chest while I was fucking him – didn’t even touch himself. That’s fun. I licked up his load and kissed him. There wasn’t much cum left on his body when I was finished licking it all up. Man, I love cum.

I wanted to blow my load in him so bad! I thought about doing it and not telling him. I know. I’m bad. But, I decided to pull out and show off how much I cum. I cum even more when I’m super turned on. This time, I blew so hard that my load flew past his head and splashed on the wall. It was 2 really good squirts. The second landed on his chest where his load had been. I scooped it up with my fingers and fed it to him. He was starting to get hard again.

We got up and cleaned up a bit. We wanted to start on round 2. Sadly, I ripped his hole, so he was out of commission after that. Oh well. Thank goodness those fissures heal quickly.

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

He found a job here in SF and will be moving here in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited, I could pee!

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  1. hope the kid enjoys being poz. how could he not be after a session like that? thanks so much for improving the image of gays everywhere! only has taken us decades to be considered somewhat equal. a spike in the hiv rates is just what we need right now to when over the straights!

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