Anti-gay Texas Governor Rick Perry Compares Being Gay To Being Alcoholic

Anti-gay Texas Govenor Rick Perry

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Anti-gay Texas Governor Rick Perry is now comparing being a homosexual to being an alcoholic.

Both, he believes, have the option to abstain.

Perry, a failed candidate for the 2012 Republican Party nomination for president, was asked at an event in San Francisco over the weekend whether he believed homosexuality was a disorder.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Perry said that ‘whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that.’

He added: ‘I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.’

Perry has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage and taken a lead in speaking out against gay kids and gay adult leaders being allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts of America.

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