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Drew Sebastien Treasure Island Media

I had a friend in town from NYC who was flown in to shoot a few scenes with a studio. He’s 24, hot and hung. We met when I was up there with TIM on the Hudson Porn Cruise last year. After hanging out for a bit, while I was in NYC, I had to go back to my room. We didn’t get to see each other any more the rest of that trip, but we continued to text each other dirty pics and videos and talk about what we would do to each other when we got the chance to fuck.

He finally got his trip planned and told me within seconds of having the ticket booked that he would be here for a just a few days. I was on it! No matter what, I was going to meet up with him while he was here. The first day, he got here late, so he was too tired to meet up. The next day was the shoot, but that night, he wanted to go to the Powerhouse for a drink. I decided to meet up with him and see if he was in any shape to fuck. I mean, he had been fucking and getting fucked all day. When I showed up, the crowd was frisky as hell. Evidently, there had been an underwear contest and the 10 guys who competed were all hot! The crowd was obviously turned on and lots of heavy petting was the result. By heavy petting, I mean dicks out and mouths sucking on them.

I met up with my buddy and we were talking and getting reacquainted when a hand reached around and grabbed my cock. I looked and it was a cute little bartender I know from the neighborhood. I tell you, when it rains, it pours. I had a cute guy already in the bag and another one wanting to get in another bag with me. But I wasn’t going to be rude to my out of town friend. He was visiting and this was the only night we had to play. The other guy lives here and I knew I would get to see him another time. So I said a few friendly (and sexy) words to the local boy and turned back to my visitor. I think this made him want me even more, because he was noticeably a bit more frisky.

We bailed from that bar and got into a cab and headed to his hotel. We were making out in the cab and I thought the cab driver was gonna kick us out, but he didn’t. I guess he was really liking the show.

Once we got to the hotel, we didn’t waste any time before getting down to it. We were on the bed making out and ripping each others’ clothes off. We tried to video some of the action, but this was just getting in the way of the heat of the moment, so I set my video phone up on the dresser across the room. We carried on without worrying about the video. It was so hot! This boy was so eager to please me, that he did everything short of acrobatics to give me what I wanted. Which was cum. And boy! Did he ever give me cum!?! Twice, in fact.

The first time, he was pounding me so hard and then he just thrust his cock in real deep and said to me, I’m cumming! I was like, “Fuck! Really?!” I thought we would be done. I was happy with that. I hadn’t cum, yet, but I could get off a number of ways.

He kept playing around with me and I knew he wasn’t finished, yet. I sucked his cock – cleaned off my ass juices. I make guys do that, so I like to taste my own once in a while, too. His cock reached down my throat and I could smell my ass in his pubes. I think a clean ass smells fresh in a really sweet way. There’s something about it. Maybe it’s the hormones gathering in that area. Maybe it’s the thousands of loads that have left their traces in my guts over the years. I don’t know, but I smell it on other guys, too. You all know what I’m talking about. 😉

So, we fooled around a little more and he said, “I want to fuck you some more.” I was like, “Ok!”

He slipped his cock back in my hole and it was just as hard as it was the first time he was fucking me. All those videos he sent me were the truth. He’s an animal in bed. After fucking me in several positions, he said, I want to give you another load. And he did. He must be the kind of guy who feels a more intense orgasm when he cums the second time, because he grunted and moaned and collapsed on top me. He was finally done. As far as I was concerned, he could’ve kept going on for a while longer, but I definitely got what I wanted. Some fun play time and cum.

I’ve watched that video a hundred times. Every time, I hold off to cum on his second load. And then, I eat it. Slurp!

He’s coming back very soon. And, yes, we will have a repeat play session.


  1. this is BS. when is drew sebastian gonna get fucked in tim videos? he’s been topping. the man clearly enjoys bottoming as much as topping. we. want. drew. get. gang. banged.

    1. Would be nice to see him get fucked in a TIM video but doubt that is gonna happen seems that most if not all of their exclusives who are tops are strictly tops only. Might be as to not ruin the allure of them being strict tops?

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