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1. How did you get involved in porn? Was it something you wanted to do for a while or did it fall in your lap?

I thought about doing porn for quite some time before I got the encouraging “push” into porn.  Although I KNOW I had the sexual drive to be a porn actor, I never thought my body would make the cut.  After a year or 2 of hard work at the gym, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with my body, and friend of mine invited me to a shoot. Coincidentally it was with TIM!  I totally misinterpreted my involvement, thinking it voluntary. However, when I got to the location, Pony started breaking the scene down with me involved.  I TOTALLY froze up!  After re-conceptualizing the scene, I went in as a felcher.  My very first scene ended up making it on Bad Seed (scene four, I believe).  At that point things started snowballing. I was getting scenes from all sorts of studios and web sites.

2. What was your favorite scene that you’ve shot for TIM and why?

Of all things, one of my favorite scenes I shot with was an oral scene from Bone Head 2.  This “straight” guy shows up to location and I’m immediately turned on.  We shake hands, make a little small talk, and get down to business.  He gets on his side of the glory hole and he slips his cock through.  This thing is a BIG, beautiful thing.  I start going to town, until he cant resist coming over into my side & just fucking the hell out of my throat.  He cums once, but still stays pretty hard.  I’m not gonna let that go to waste!  So I start sucking his cock again and sure enough BOOM: Load #2.  I sucked down every last drop of that guy’s loads.

3. What kind of guys do you go for? Where do you go to hang out and fuck in San Francisco?

As far as appearance is concerned I generally go for fit, tattooed, furry, and scruffy guys.  I know some people who just obsess about a big cock no matter how busted the guy is.  Sure it’s the cum frosting on the cake, but its not the end-all-be-all of the whole “package.”  A guy must to be able to keep up with me sexually.  I’m a HORNY FUCKING DUDE!  If you can’t keep up, I’ll find someone who can!  My guy has GOT to be intelligent.  I find that if I can’t have some semblance of “normal” or higher-level conversation, I also get bored.  Generally speaking, if your brain doesn’t make the cut, we probably won’t last long.  I guess the last requisite would be someone with a sense of humor: someone who can enjoy levity in life.

As far as hang out spots I typically jump around place to place.  SOMA at night, Castro (in San Francisco) by day is a general rule.  You can often find me at Truck on Tuesdays, too.

4. Besides sex, what else are you into? Music, Art, etc.

I LOVE music.  I played in a punk rock band for over 8 years, and I have also toured with multi-platinum selling punk artists.  I play guitar, bass and am learning the banjo.  I love languages.  I speak Spanish and Italian (slightly less) fluently, and can understand French & Portuguese, and have dabbled in Japanese & Chinese.  I also and SUPER active.  I play soccer 2-3 times a week, and have played volleyball since I was 12.  I also LOVE to ski & snowboard.  I have a cabin in Mammoth and almost never miss a gay ski week (so keep your eyes peeled and say hi!)!  I also love to travel, when time allows.  I have a couple places on Maui & Molokai & I LOOOOOOVE Hawaii.  I generally try to get out there at least once a year.


5. Do you prefer cut or uncut cock?

Uncut, for sure. Although when it really comes down to it if you’ve got a nice cock, you’ve got a nice cock with or without the hood!

6. You’ve been highlighted as a voice of reason in the PrEP debate. Do you still actively use the drug to maintain your negative status?

I have been on PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, or Truvada) since February of 2013.  I still use the drug to prevent HIV.  This is a personal choice, I know, and PrEP may not be for everyone.  I just feel that if given the platform, I should take advantage and spread the word about it.  It is FINALLY abuzz in major metropolitan areas in the US, but still, most of the US still has no clue it exists, not to mention the world!  Even our neighbors to the north don’t have the luxury of being prescribed Truvada (for HIV PREVENTION).  We still have a LONG way to go.  Oh, and one more thing: FUCK MICHAEL WEINSTEIN.  What megalomaniacal asshole!

7. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, HANDS DOWN!  Seriously…pussy?!

8. If you could fuck anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?

Oh man…that’s tough because there are so many!  Aleks Buldocek, Drake Jayden, Cam Christou, James Jameson, Boomer Banks, Tim Krueger, and Keiran, to name a few.  All such SEXY, SEXY men!!!  Maybe I can get all of them at once?!  My birthday is in April!


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