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Straight porn blogger and shit-stirrer Mike South published a “guest editorial” today that is basically a vicious screed against homosexuality. And it’s inspired by Treasure Island’s recent poz-cum-fetishizing work Viral Loads.

Remember it’s that movie where Blue Bailey is the bottom in a 20-man gang-bang and they whip out a turkey baster and a jar labeled “poz cum” that Paul Morris claims is “full of more than 200 poz loads”? And Morris subsequently claimed that men are banging down the doors of Treasure Island to be the “recipient[s] of gallons of semen”?


Well, anyway, if all of that were indeed true, and Morris weren’t just trying to sell more porn, then sure, that’s reason for some disgust from all sides. (And, as we know, Bailey is openly HIV positive, and who knows what was in that jar.)

But now a homophobic asshole named Michael Payne who Mike South refers to just as a “company owner” takes this is as a cue to denigrate all gay people, because obviously the pervs who do scenes for Treasure Island Media represent us all.

And South, for his part, distances himself only by saying, “I always welcome well written viewpoints even if they differ from mine.”


Here’s a choice quote, from this Payne guy, who by the way seems to believe that Blue Bailey got plowed 200 times in one day. Guess he didn’t read the copy that carefully.

“Let’s put this into perspective: More than 200 men, most of them HIV positive, engage in unprotected gay sex on film, exchange bodily fluids and transmit HIV in front of the rolling camera. If this incident does not disturb you, then stop reading this article and go do something else, but if it does disturb you, then consider this: What these men are doing is a hazardous and outrageous exercise of the 21st century gay revolution. They not only see themselves entitled to the right to knowingly and willingly expose and inflict one another with HIV and spread the disease, but also they want to have the right to get married, adopt children, expose the children to HIV and encourage them to spread the disease from one generation to the next, and on top of all that, they want you and I to accept and respect them for who they are and what they do, and they have legions of attorneys, lobbyists, organizations, unions and watchdog groups that obsessively and compulsively control, manipulate and censor the media using Nazi Gestapo methods and make sure that no private comment and vague reference won’t go unnoticed and unpunished. Gay people have the right to spread HIV in front of the rolling camera, and if their behavior disturbs and terrifies you, then you’re a villainous bigot who deserves the harshest retribution.

Since the first American gay couple legally married in the state of Massachusetts on May 17, 2004, the corporate media and rotten to the core politicians have embraced the gay agenda and are fully supporting and promoting homosexuality. Just take a look at the list of TV series that have been aired since the turn of the century, almost all of them include gay characters, here are a few examples:

How I Met Your Mother, Glee, The L World, Looking, House M.D., Grey’s Anatomy Revenge, Heroes, Six Feet Under, True Blood.

The corporate media tirelessly campaigns to turn homosexuality into an acceptable social norm by blending favorable gay characters in popular books, movies, TV series and video games, and judging by the shift in public opinion, they have been successful.

The purpose of this article is to inform people, not to judge homosexuality, I don’t see myself in a position to pass judgment of any kind, but I believe that people of all races, genders and sexual orientations must be aware of potential dangers and consequences of their choices and their lifestyle, that society must be educated about the medical hazards of homosexuality, and this practice must be kept personal and private, not promoted, glorified and introduced to children.

Promoting and rewarding homosexuality draws more people, especially the young and the impressionable, towards this practice, and as a result, HIV epidemic will continue to spread exponentially.”

OMG. Thank you, Mike South for giving this ignorant shitbag a platform, and for expressing views of gay people and ideas about HIV that belong in 1986, not 2014. This a buddy of yours? This your idea of “well written”?

Fuck you.

“Update: Mike South has responded in the comments. His distancing himself from this guest editorial still doesn’t excuse the above. Shall we call a meeting of the Homosexual Agenda Caucus and decide how this situation should be handled?”

“For the record I have no issues with homosexuality, I have always supported gay marriage within the confines of the governments role in recognizing it. I dont think that any                                     particular church should have to perform gay marriages if they do not want to but I do think that if the government confers rights to people who are married then any people regardless                     of gender should have those same rights period.”

Finally i am posting here on the sword because you guys have shown me support in the past and I do appreciate it. I am pretty hard core Libertarian so someones sexual preference is of no more concern to me than their eye color is.”

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  1. His homophobic post was riddled with errors like the statement “More than 200 men, most of them HIV positive, engage in unprotected gay sex on film, exchange bodily fluids and transmit HIV in front of the rolling camera.” I sure did not see that in Viral Loads.

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