Manwhore Cory Koons Returns to Treasure Island Media in Cheap Thrills 5


We’ve just launched the fifth installment in our Cheap Thrills Series and we’re bringing back some of our favorite Manwhores for your viewing pleasure including CORY KOONS, DJ, HAVEN, CALVIN, TONY, TY ROBERTS, and MORE!

In this edition of Cheap Thrills, we’re giving you four perfect scenes of how sex works among men. From love-lorn to load-lust, here’s a succinct ’n’ sexy tour of man-2-man sexuality.

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HAVEN FUCKS DJ I brought Haven and DJ together on a hunch. Seriously, nothing but a hunch. I had a sense they’d connect, and connect they did. I knew Haven was leaving the country the next day and that just seemed to add to the intensity. This is once-in-a-lifetime sex, a man-to-man connection that we’ve all had, though rarely. The two men aren’t just “attracted” to each other, they were made for each other and their bodies link up in a way that’s beautiful and fucking sexy as hell.
  FOUR MEN SEED IAN JAY At the opposite end of the spectrum is Ian Jay. Since I first met him, he’s been begging me to get as many loads up his ass as possible. He couldn’t care less who the tops are. The title “cum-slut” was created to describe Ian. This raucous gang-fuck was actually set up to see if the kid really meant what he was saying. I threw him on the bed with a gaggle of studs and stood back to watch. Ian’s perfect boyish ass sucks the loads out of each and every cock and begs for more. His next shoot? “The 1,000 Load Fuck“, probably my most infamous video, with Ian Jay as the ultimate cumdump of all time.
CALVIN FUCKS TONY Here’s a rare TIM porn tryout scene. Tony begged to be butt-fucked in our movies, so we decided to give him a shot at the big time. Reliable stud Calvin volunteered to put the newbie bottom through his paces. He deep-drills his hole, plants his seed, and then laps up a nice taste of the post-fuck cream pie.
TY FUCKS CORY I’ve always liked Cory Koons because he’s nothing more than a cheap manwhore. Now, that may sound like an insult but to me it’s the highest praise possible. Where would the world be without manwhores who’ll take anyone anytime for a mere pittance? I like to test people, so I called in Ty Roberts and Cory. I told Cory I had ten bucks and wanted to see him take Ty’s load. “I woulda done it for five,” was Cory’s classy comeback. Gentlemen, behold the world-class whore as he gets porked by the mega-dick of Ty.

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