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Blue Bailey Treasure Island Media

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Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed:

Blue Bailey from Treasure Island Media

Blue Bailey has become one of Treasure Island Media’s most popular models. Originally from Las Vegas, the surprisingly wholesome looking 26-year-old now resides in San Francisco. During his career in adult entertainment, Blue has done more than 27 scenes for T.I.M. in titles such as Suck Dick Save the World 2, 3 & 4; Butt Snack; Drunk On Cum 6; Fucktards; and Viral Loads – as well as numerous scenes for and In addition to modeling and escorting, Blue also manages a restaurant in the Castro and works as a bartender. He’ll be doing that until the Fall, when he starts law school. To stay up to date with Blue, you can follow him on Twitter.

How did you get started with T.I.M.?

I’ve always been a fan of Treasure Island, and I think I just stopped by their office one day with another performer. Then I took some photos and was cast in several oral scenes.  I eventually persuaded them to allow me to be a gangbang bottom.

What’s the company culture like at T.I.M.?

The shoots are very laid back and the cast/crew seem to have more of a family-style dynamic rather than a cut-and-dry, business production style. Each studio (SF, NY, London) has its own interesting quirks, but they all share that same style of interaction between cast and crew.

What are the best and worst things about working as an escort?

The best part of escorting is being able to travel a lot. I love getting out of SF and meeting new boys. On the other hand, the worst part of escorting is managing personal time vs. work time. Busy escort times and opportunities for leisure often conflict, but one certainly supports the other.

Any fun escorting stories?

I was flown out to Amsterdam earlier this year and was taken to my favorite artist’s museum (MC Escher) just outside the city. It was a great experience. Amsterdam is my favorite city to visit.

Your life in five years?

I was admitted to UC: Hastings Law School for the Fall 2014 term. I’ll graduate three years after that, and in 5 years will hopefully be making my way up the corporate legal ladder. Ideally I’d like to specialize in entertainment law and own property in SF, NY, and Amsterdam.

Most unusual sex spot?

The bedroom of a trick’s younger sister, covered in pink stuffed animals and boy band posters.  Wait… Maybe that was my room.

Recent life lessons?

Be self-sufficient. Manage your money, bills, and credit. Don’t procrastinate too much. Work hard, play hard. Be true to yourself.


Do you watch much TV?

I watch too much TV, but my undergraduate is in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, so it’s all research, right? I love Hannibal, Ink Master, and The Real Housewives.

Favorite music?

I like most music except country. I’ve always had a thing for 80’s music and my favorite bands are MUSE, Depeche Mode, and U2.  I love all the pop Divas, too.

Do fans often go on to become performers?

I know a few friends who enjoy TIM porn and who went on to apply and model for the company. It’s a fun way to get paired with hot, big-dicked guys and cuts out a lot of the online reconnaissance.

Any funny behind-the-scenes stories from shoots?

I think this actually made it into a video. I ate a salad before an oral scene. The guy made me gag and cough up some fluid.  I didn’t puke on the guy, but there was a big piece of lettuce stuck on his dick after. I was mortified at the time, but it’s funny to look back at now.

What traits typically attract you?

I am typically attracted to rugged, muscular guys with a dark sense of humor. Tattoos, piercings, and big dicks are great, but the guy has to have a sense of direction and ambition.

What’s your day job?

I bartend and manage at Harvey’s in San Francisco’s Castro district. However, I’ll be a full-time student beginning this summer.

Have you ever jerked off or had sex while at work or school?

All of the above. I certainly utilize the bathroom stall and office at my job.

Other creative pursuits?

I plan on hosting a leather zombie and superhero fetish party as Mr. Edge Leather 2014 benefiting local SF charities.

Favorite hobbies and obsessions right now?

I am so looking forward to seeing Queen perform with Adam Lambert on vocals this summer.  Other than that, I’m into all the superhero movies that are coming out.  X-Men looks AMAZING!   Plus, I love me some Jennifer Lawrence.

Any pets?

I don’t have any pets because my building doesn’t allow them, but I’d eventually like a pit-bull puppy to raise.

Mainstream celebs you find hot?

90’s Paul Rudd and Cary Hart are pretty damn sexy.

A pivotal life experience?

Getting into my first choice of law schools.

Favorites books?

My favorite book is Less Than Zero and I tend to like most of Brett Easton Ellis’ writing. Chuck Palahniuk is pretty good, too.  I like most anything that’s druggie, sexualized, and/or disturbed.

Do you get much fan mail?

I don’t get much fan mail per se, but I use the app along with twitter to answer questions and communicate with fans.  I work in the Castro and I get recognized more and more often in public.  “Hey, you look kinda familiar…”

Are you single right now?

I am single in the traditional definition of the term, but I’m exploring other relationship models e.g. Daddy/boy, Dom/sub, and polyamory. I neither desire nor have the time to commit to a boyfriend in the traditional sense.

How did you get started as an adult performer?

A fuck buddy of mine filmed a few scenes and asked if I’d like to get involved with the company he worked for.  I figured it was an easy way to have sex with hot guys and make some extra money.

What other jobs have you worked?

I have worked as a bartender, a Video Jockey, a retail salesman, a moving guy, and a video rental clerk.

Something fans don’t know?

I love 80’s music and I feel the need to look up and learn song lyrics.

Advice for aspiring T.I.M. performers?

I’m going to steal a line from Cruel Intentions. “My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.”

What scares you?

Failure and going crazy Blue Jasmine style.

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  2. Since he started in Porn Blue has grown from a twink to a man and I have enjoyed watching the metamorphosis. He’s a sexy, intelligent guy who looks fucking amazing having bareback sex on camera.

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