Britpig Diaries: An Unexpected Weekend

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Hey, welcome back! This weekend I have been on a proper unexpected adventure. Nobody could have told me on Friday Morning that I would be here writing this on Sunday evening: it was Daddy weekend (My fortnightly jaunt to see my 3 Mini-Me’s up in North Wales). I had forgotten to pack on the Thursday night which meant I needed to come home first to grab some things before setting off. This delayed me and I missed my usual train. The next train up to Chester was in 55 minutes but there was one due to leave in six minutes for Glasgow which stopped at Warrington. Getting a connection from there should be easy I thought. However, what with leaves on the lines and other rail based fuck up delays I wouldn’t have arrived on the coast until one AM.An

I was stranded in Warrington! What is a pig to do? I immediately opened scruff and saw that there were several guys around online who I knew. Within 5 minutes I was in a car and on my way for a fuck. After a good hour of relentlessly taking his rigid cock a break was in order and we decided over a cup of tea to check out the local woods. Only ten minutes walk up the road there was a huge park with a large dense wooded area attached to it.  Feeling very Huckleberry Fin we worked our way into the woods like a naughty pair of school lads. There is something seriously horny about cruising in the dark in unfamiliar places. The mixture of excitement, fear and anticipation is exhilarating.

I was gagging to fuck him and give him as good as I had got but it was apparent that he was in top mode and nothing was gonna end up in his ass. The sound of branches falling and little rustles in the bushes as small creatures crept about was so sharp in the stillness of the night it kept freaking me out. We fucked against a tree like a pair of anxious horny Meer-cats; constantly keeping lookout in the off chance that another horny bloke might also be looking for a fuck; or for some pissed up straight guys looking for some late night trouble. When we arrived back at his, cum trickling down the inside of my trackie bottoms, I was grinning like a cheshire cat and scratching at  a nice spread of mosquito bites.

In the morning I caught an early train and had a fun day hanging out with the kids. That evening, after they had all settled in bed and my Brother and Sister were watching some TV, I popped on Scruff while I had a cigarette out the back. I was shocked to see there was a really hot guy within 200 meters with the header 4RawBTM. What were the odds? After a quick bathroom check I grabbed my coat and told my Sister I was gonna have a walk to the beach. Chatting with the guy as I walked it wasn’t long before he was also headed out to the beach from the direction of the nearby holiday camp. I saw him wandering through the dunes behind me and I stood silhouetted in the moonlight so he could see where I was.

As he came closer I could see the hard outline of his cock through his joggers and my hole started to twitch. We met and he smelt fucking amazing. Moving deeper into the dunes his hand was feeling its way down the back of my trackies and his fingers were probing at my hole. I stopped and let him probe a bit deeper but he just pulled my pants down and started eating me out, pushing me to bend forwards with one of his beefy arms. Within minutes he stood up behind me and slid his full length as deep as he could in one movement. I held in my gasp as, yet again, I was outside fucking again! There was no warm up. He went from nought to a hundred in no time and the sounds of him slamming at my ass were gently echoing round the dunes. He growled and grunted as he shot, spat on the back of my head, slapped my ass then pulled out and headed back with only one word in a broad lancashire accent. “Nice.”

My Sunday was, again, relaxing and fun and we spent the day in the park. When I arrived home, after a perfectly normal train journey I couldn’t wait to fill the HusPig and HusPup in on what my antics had been. In my excitement I had totally forgotten that Jessy Karson was staying over for a few nights so I was doubly excited and surprised to see him sat on the sofa. What happened next? Well, that’d be telling wouldn’t it.

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