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I’m BAAAAAACK! I’ve been traveling and working at one of my other jobs. Yes, most of us adult film thespians have other jobs, too – especially living in San Francisco! The truth is, I like staying busy. If I stay at home watching tv all day, then I don’t get out to pick up studs on the train or have quickie jerk off sessions at random urinals. And then, what would I have to tell you horny perverts?

“What has been happening in Drew’s world the past few months,” you ask? I’ve been traveling and getting to know a new boy! You might have heard that I have a new man in my life named Dolf Dietrich. It’s true! He’s the sexiest, sweetest, piggiest guy I think I’ve ever met! When I talk to him, he makes my cock jump and my heart skip a beat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking to him, on the phone while walking down the street, and I catch passersby staring at my boner bouncing in my shorts. In my mind, I know that they know it’s because I’m talking to Dolf! So, I flaunt my boner with pride! More about Dolf later. Don’t worry, there WILL be videos.

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I’ve also been traveling. I went to Ptown to visit Dolf and to Atlanta to a big gay pool party, a friend’s birthday and to visit family. After a few cocktail, I showed my aunt one of my new pictures that I took with Dolf. She said that’s “nice.” lol. She’s cool, although we haven’t really talked about the porn stuff. Oh, I’m sure she’s got the idea by now. I post pics of my outfits I wear to Folsom and Pride. While I was in Atlanta I set up an appearance at Brushstrokes for the Saturday of Pride. I’ll let you know more details as they’re set. Keep an eye on my social media.

There have been multiple sexy encounters to tell you about, as well. From 3-ways to more-ways and, of course, Dolf-and-Drew-ways. I’m embracing my sexuality and building my brand. I’ve been doing some fun gigs at different adult theaters and even an appearance on a major television network. You can follow me on Twitter or on Tumbler. Look at my website, www.drewsebastian.com, for promotions for great TIM gear and videos.

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Oh! And keep an eye out for me and Dolf at Southern Decadence in New Orleans. We are making appearances at places like the Rawhide, Cafe Lafitte’s in Exile and other sexy spots. And in Palm Springs at Helios Resort for Palm Springs Pride and Leather Pride. Other booking dates coming soon.

There’s so much to tell you. So, keep watching for the blog posts. I’ll be tackling issues like PrEP, fitness, food, the condom laws, studios and porn actors. Nobody is safe! lol. You should know by now that I’m not evil like that. But, I really don’t care if what I say puts a bug up somebody’s ass. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, huh? Talk to you later, horny fuckers. I’ve missed you!

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