Conservative Lobbyists Are Contributing To The Censorship of Treasure Island Media

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You may have been wondering why our main Treasure Island Media fan page has vanished. We were gaining record amounts of likes and shares due to a giveaway of our new movie, BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS. Apparently the folks over at Facebook have cited our community page for “posting unauthorized commercial communications (ex:spam) on Facebook.” It seems that sharing a picture of a bicycle or TS-shirt would not have been cited for this offense – but videos of gay sex are another matter! This comes on the heels of Google’s recent decision to ban all adult entertainment businesses from advertising completely.

The popular saying, “The Internet is for porn,” is based on hard, cold facts. According to The Huffington Post, 30 percent% of all data transferred across the Internet is porn. Porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. Adult entertainment paved the way for streaming broadband Internet, because people were so keen on watching porn in the comfort of their own homes. While the loudest and proudest TIM Studs will happily profess to taking loads in public porn stores, etc., most of our fans don’t fly their freak flag so high.

Adult Bookstore Blowjob

As tech companies like Google and Facebook gain more and more power, they also become increasingly involved in politics to ensure they get to keep and aggregate more of that power. Conservative “family values” institutions that claim they had a hand in influencing Google’s decision to stop running adult ads are getting more and more involved in the personal decisions of Americans. Remember the recent Hobby Lobby decision?

Google and Facebook have a right to conduct business however they see fit, but as monopolies of information they also have responsibilities to protect our free speech as well. What do you think?

  1. Once Google and Facebook start to censor and shutdown some websites due content, then they should be held accountable for ALL the content on their pages, i.e. pictures of naked children and babies, the recent beheadings, kissing in public, bare breasts, pages which show how to make explosives, and all of those type things. Just in the USA they could already be arrested as there are some counties that ban drinking, some communities that ban any type of nudity for men or women (amish, islamic), so any picture of a beach scene would be illegal.

  2. This is fucked up. I’m an adult and I should have the right to view whatever the fuck I want whenever I want. I won’t use google anymore and am considering deleting my facebook account.

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