“April Showers” – Hot Rod + Dolf in STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT


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Hot Rod has a really big cock — I knew this from watching his scene with Christian in Return to Meat Rack. But I hadn’t met him in person until he and Dolf teamed up to do a scene for STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT. No photo could encompass the size of his dick at full mast, but here’s one just to give you an idea:

Obviously the moment Hot Rod pulled down his sweats and let that massive hunk of meat out to breathe, my mind went to the next logical thought — I wanted to see that monster shoot a thick wad of cum.

As we were nearing the moment I knew would bring a thick load out of Hot Rod, I went in for a close-up. We had Dolf’s sweet hole perked up in the air at the end of a bench, and Hot Rod was pounding away. I layed down beneath their legs, my face and the camera lens facing upward toward what I was sure would be a waterfall of spooge. That’s when I got what I asked for…and then some.

Hot Rod had just pumped his load deep into Dolf, and as he pulled his cock out gravity did what it’s apt to do when you’ve got a hungry camera-man looking up toward a thick one. As if in slow motion, I saw the head of Hot Rod’s cock pop out of Dolf’s ass, sending a a thick spray of cum and ass-juice toward my face (and the camera). I may or may not have licked off what I could reach with my tongue while still holding the camera in place.Hot Rod didn’t quit after busting his nut and kept ramming until Dolf shot a hot load himself (I was hoping to catch some of his too, but you can only luck out like this once in a while I guess). I wiped off the camera lens, but I filmed the rest of the scene with a good bit of dick juice drying on my face. Max and I thanked these two studs afterward for a great shoot. But I don’t think Hot Rod knew just how thankful I was.

Check it out for yourself:  STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT

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