Flynn Evans Eats His Load Off Marcus Isaacs Ass

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Earlier this week we introduced you to Australian pornstar and horse-hung rent boy FLYNN EVANS who looks as though he’s been ripped from the pages of a vintage Colt magazine with his slim, cut body and porno mustache. According to Evans himself “I loved shooting with Marcus. When Max [Sohl]  told me who I was working, with I got rock hard, Marcus’ ass is fucking perfect. I guess I do always fuck that hard, I just listen out for cues from the guy I’m fucking. Marcus was definitely showing me he wanted it harder and deeper. Eating my load off his ass was so damn hot.”

Not only does FLYNN EVANS love to dominate and fuck the piss out of guys, but the horny barebacker admits to enjoying to enjoying taking loads himself. “When I get fucked, my ass is tight so I make you work for it. But once you open me up I love taking a pounding, as long as there’s a load waiting at the end for me.”

Check out these exclusive pictures of his acclaimed scene with Marcus Isaacs below if you need anymore proof that this oversexed Aussie is reason enough to buy BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS right this very second.



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