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Flynn Evans Treasure Island Media

Flynn Evans is a sexy-as-fuck Aussie Topman with a retro porn stach who recently made everyone fall into lust with him around the TIM offices.  Check out his scene in Breeding Marcus Isaacs  where he fucks the bejeezus out of Marcus Isaac’s perfect ass to see what we mean.  

TIM: How did you get involved with Treasure Island Media? Was it a spontaneous decision or something you wanted to do all along?

It was a deep itch that needed scratching! I’d done a few shoots here in Australia, but we don’t have a lot of studios here, and we definitely don’t have anything like TIM. I made the decision to stop by SF on a trip to LA, and just dropped Treasure Island a line and told them I’d be around. They wrote back right away, and the rest is history…

TIM: What do you do in your free time?

I’m a writer, so that takes a lot of self-discipline. Which usually means I wake up, cruise online for 5 hours then eventually get to writing. I spend time online looking for Australian guys to cast in Treasure Island Films, and I take my field research very seriously. I find I have to wake up and quickly beat off or go fuck some nearby piece of ass, otherwise I get nothing done.

TIM: How did you get involved in escorting and porn? What do you enjoy most about it?

I was having a lot of sex. Still do, but around 4 years ago I just realised how much I loved it, and just how perfect my cock was for fucking ass. I was so hung up on being too skinny, too pale, too whatever. Meanwhile, guys were literally throwing money at me to fuck them and all I could worry about was letting them down. I’m glad I got over that. I started porn and escorting at the same time, 2 years ago. I met a guy online who wanted to shoot me in a porno, but he wanted to shave my head and turn my mustache into a goatee. My whole thing is vintage disco porn, so was no way anyone was touching my mo’. I said thanks, but not thanks, but by then I was hooked on the idea. At a gangbang, a guy asked to take some pics of me for his website, that got the whole thing rolling. I love the the idea of guys whacking off to me fucking on camera. I love it when they write to me and tell me how they blow their load while watching me. I also think we’re made to feel ashamed of how much we love fucking. Porn is a way of turning those weapons of shame back on the prudes. Own your perversion boys.

Treasure Island Media Flynn Evans

TIM: What traits you attracted to most in guys?

“Swagger” sounds like bullshit, but it’s true. But it has to be real. I’ll fuck anyone with a hot attitude that doesn’t have to try too hard. I love anyone who’s a bit thicker that I am, physically. Love eating my cum from a beefy, hairy ass that opens up for me. Also have a thing for guys who are a lot shorter than I am, as a top. If I’m getting fucked, you can be bigger than me, smaller than me, whatever you like. Just pin me down and empty your balls into me.

TIM: Dating anyone special at the moment?

Someone very special. And very understanding (haha). He’s a photographer and he’s damn talented.

TIM: Your scene in Breeding Marcus Issascs is my absolute favorite. You really gave him a pounding! Do you always fuck that hard? Can you handle a pounding as hard as you give it?

That’s kind of you to say. Is that just because it’s the first scene, and you cum too quickly? Start the DVD halfway through next time, big boy! I loved shooting with Marcus. When Max told me who I was working, with I got rock hard, Marcus’ ass is fucking perfect. I guess I do always fuck that hard, I just listen out for cues from the guy I’m fucking. Marcus was definitely showing me he wanted it harder and deeper. Eating my load off his ass was so damn hot. When I get fucked, my ass is tight so I make you work for it. But once you open me up I love taking a pounding, as long as there’s a load waiting at the end for me.

TIM: What are your thoughts on PReP and Barebacking with negative guys?

PReP’s the future, and I have to say anyone opposing it is on the wrong side of history. It makes me sad to see that gay men are each others worst enemy, when 20 years ago we were railing against Reagan and Helms. Now we have to argue with each other? That’s bullshit. We finally have a way back to pleasure, and sex without anxiety, and we’re trying to take that away from each other. No-one’s saying you have to go on it, and no-one’s saying it’s a magic bullet. It finally balances out the responsibility between neg and poz guys – we’ve all been on treatment for years (those of us who can access it), why not share the load (so to speak)? I’m fine to bareback with neg guys, as long as we’re both honest and give all the information. “Undetectable” and “on PrEP” isn’t a shorthand. You still have to ask all the questions. But fuck me, I love cum. We all do. Let it fly.

TIM: Do you prefer Australia or the US? Why?

I think I was meant to live in the US. I love the way SF and NYC guys are so brazen, so confident. They don’t just tell me they want my cock, they turn around and offer their holes. Guys here are more low-key, which is sexy as well. Deep down I think I’m meant for the American dream though (ha). But for now at least I’m loving being here as I get to cast and direct new Australian guys for TIM

TIM: How long have you had the mustache?

Flynn Evans was born with this mustache. If it goes, he goes…

Flynn Evans Treasure Island Media

  1. Your moustache is SO FUCKING HOT. We’d better see more of you in future TIM videos!!!

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