Meet The Men Who Bred Marcus Isaacs: Part 1

Meet The Men of Breeding Marcus Isaacs

By now we all know how much of a hot piece of ass Marcus Isaacs is, but what about the rest of the studs in Breeding Marcus Isaacs? Take a moment to meet the rest of our men who planted seed in the newest sex tape from legendary Treasure Island Media Producer and Director MAX SOHL.

Breeding Marcus Isaacs Treasure Island Media

ANTONIO BIAGGI is a carnal and masculine stud with a huge uncut cock that he loves to stir up trouble with. He started in the industry at the relatively late age of 29 years old, and eventually became a producer and director. Even though the latin stud began his adult career in mainstream condom porn, he eventually made the decision to transition into bareback work which made his status and body of work grow exponentially, just like our dicks when we watch him fuck. In Breeding Marcus Isaacs he joins Rafael Carreras for some balls-to-the-wall breeding and double penetration fuck session.

Rafael Carrerras Breeding Marcus Isaacs Treasure Island Media

RAFAEL CARRERAS was born in Cuba and prefers to top his partners but who knows just as good how to take loads in his perfectly toned ass. He currently resides in Ibiza, Spain where he owns a bar and restaurant. Watch him in action in BREEDING MARCUS ISSACS as he stretches and seeds Marcus Isaac’s hole. The thought of Antonio Biaggi and Carreras double fucking your hole would intimidate some bottoms, but not Marcus. He wants both dicks.

Breeding Marcus Isaacs Erik Grant

ERIK GRANT is handsome, masculine, fit, and tattooed. He has already made a big impact on And yeah, by big we’re am talking about his dick. Demanding, controlling in a way that would have you bending over and begging for his cock before you can say Fuck Me, Sir. Grant took a break from filming for a couple years but has re-emerged with a vengeance in the bareback genre (lucky for us!)

CutlerX Breeding Marcus Isaacs

CUTLERX not only possesses one of the biggest cocks (11 inches) we’ve ever seen and  a hard, gym-built body but he’s also charming as hell. Residing in Palm Springs, this ebony stud is a popular escort and the real life boyfriend of Adam Russo.  Marcus Isaacs finds himself on the receiving end of the two studs relentless and massive dicks like the true bottom whore he is.

Adam Russo Breeding Marcus Isaacs

ADAM RUSSO is a hot masculine versatile jock who claims that he is in the best shape of his life at the age of 46. The furry daddy met his boyfriend Cutler X in Berlin during an industry event and the two have been together ever since. On the bright side, these two studs don’t have a problem sharing as evidence in their tag-team performance in BREEDING MARCUS ISSACS.


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