Ginger Stud James Jamesson’s Gets Photoshopped on Tumblr

Retouched James Jameson Picture Treasure Island Media Paul Morris

Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. Most people know him for his work as the producer of the hottest bareback porn and founder of a cult brand. However, he is also a fine art photographer who shoots men (to see his work check out his Flickr). Recently, it came to our attention that this retouched photo of ginger stud James Jamesson was making the rounds on Tumblr. In the picture on the left, James is puffed up like the hulk and his cock is about twice the size it is in the original. We think he looks better in his original picture, what do you think?


  1. Magnificent au naturel- unblemished by artifice which makes the photoshopped image look like an animé character. Donaldo

  2. Why did they Photoshop him? He is PERFECT the way he is. The Photoshop just makes him look FAT!

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