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Treasure Island Media NYC Casting

Originally Posted by Nate Reynolds on Max Sohl Blog

I know I’m good, but I didn’t know I was THIS good!!!!

I, along with the casting guys in San Francisco, and London respond to every model application that comes in through our website. We get applications from you horny fuckers all over the world. We have received them from South Africa, New Zealand, India, China, South America, Pakistan, etc… and sometimes when we’re lucky a horny fucker who lives right around the corner!!

If you want to apply to be one of our men go here. Depending on which production office you’re closest to I, or someone from our London or San Francisco casting dept. will be in touch with you.


This one sexy Daddy applied in one of the states that I cover here in NYC saying that he was interested in becoming a cum dump bottom for us. I shot him a reply back asking my usual questions (Do you make it to NYC? Do you have any online clips of you having sex I can see? etc…)

He responds back to me saying that he was so turned on to hear from an actual member of Treasure Island Media that he went into the bathroom at work, jerked off, and ate his hot creamy load! The best part is he videotaped it for me! This counts as the #874th reason why I FUCKING LOVE MY JOB!!!

I then asked him if I could post the video that he sent me. His reply: ” but of course! ”

I’ve never wanted to be a toilet paper holder more in my entire life!! I love the big mushroom head and the vein running down the center of the shaft! WOOF! WOOF!

Check Out the Video HERE!

Apply to be a TIM Stud HERE!

    1. I have always filmed myself in sexual situations. Only a couple of times
      having sex, but plenty of times using dildos, butt plugs etc. I really
      enjoy seeing how i look on vid. Some of the footage i have filmed has
      managed to capture some epic moments. Bouncing on an extra large butt
      plug and seeing my cunt lips stretch. Times i have jumped off the dildo and a big wad of arse juice or old cum oozes out.
      45 yo bear now, so dont think people would be wanting to see my type
      but i would love to be in a group scene in a sling and get fucked and
      bred by any number of guys..underneath the sling will be the remnants of
      my cum hole which at the end i will clean up on all fours, providing
      Shane Frost fucks me whilst pushing my face into my cummy mess 🙂

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