Britpig Diaries: Your Dad Gives Good Head



Joking with my kids this weekend about getting “Your Dad gives good head” tattooed over my back kinda of sums up what an orally focussed few weeks it has been for me. There are times when I think we are becoming a little too fuck-centric with our sex focus in the TIM office but recent events have proved me wrong. This week saw the release of my first TIMSuck movie with Rio Francisco. All too well do I remember that pause between Rio asking for some assistance to help him cum and me saying i’d be more than happy to help if I wasn’t holding the camera. It was so kind of Liam to offer to stand in and film the rest of the scene. I had all but forgotten filming this scene when I was prompted to write a scene description for it by our San Francisco office last week.

I found myself in a similar situation the previous week at a gang bang shoot I had set up. Organizing scenes is one of the most fun aspects of my role here in the London office. But for every shoot which is successful there are always those which never turn out exactly how you intend. As it happened this was to be one of those scenes. I had booked a large 2 bedroom apartment in the middle of the city because the scene was going to be one where the bottom was blindfolded and the tops would have to be kept separate up until the time for breeding.


As the models started to arrive the concierge downstairs started to become nervous and decided to come and investigate exactly what was going on in their high end accommodation. This type of PR is a task which also falls to me and I managed to persuade the security guys that we was having a business meeting and that several other guys were due to arrive. Happy, but looking far from convinced they thanked me for our openness and left us to it, with the condition that our “meeting” went on no later than midnight. Call it intuition, call it a hunch or just a funny feeling in my bones but I knew this was not going to be the last hiccup in this shoot.

The tops had all arrived, Liam had given his pre shoot talk to everybody and we was good to go. From my perspective I could relax for a bit whilst they went about their business. 20 minutes after the shoot was meant to start we still had no bottom and after some phone calls and texts it was apparent we was not going to get one either: He was stuck on a delayed train the other side of the country and had neglected to keep us updated. This left me with an apartment full of hard and horny tops and no replacement bottom to take over. Liam called me through for a private chat so we could figure out the best course of action. We worked through every possibly alternative and it kept coming back to the same solution: Bruce was going to have to step in again.


Looked like another oral scene was on the cards. Looked like I was going to have to get down on my knees again in the name of service. Sometimes I really hate my job. Having to orally service five hard and hung guys with no prior warning really gets my goat, i’m sure you can all appreciate that (GRIN).


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