How You Dance Determines Whether You’re A Top Or A Bottom

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How many times have you admired a cute guy at the bar or club and thought: Hmmm. I wonder if that dude’s a top or a bottom?

Determining a man’s preferred position in the bedroom based solely on his physical appearance can be next to impossible. Sometimes the bottomest seeming bottom will surprise you by saying he’s a top. Or a guy you swear is a total top will leave you completely dumbfounded when he admits he loves being penetrated.

But according to blue-eyed British vlogger/anthropologist John Bird, a gay man’s preferred position can be decoded by closely observing the way he moves on the dance floor.

“Some people actually believe that they can tell a person’s ‘position’ from their gyrations,” says Bird.

Bottoms, he explains, use “smooth hip movements” not dissimilar to “a mating call,” whereas tops either don’t dance, dance extremely badly, or do so in a “very typical macho way.”

Watch Bird’s informative video, complete with dance move demonstrations, below.

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