I AM: Freddy Miller

Freddy Miller and CutlerX
Freddy Miller and CutlerX in HARD CUTS 1

Freddy Miller, a self-described “average Joe 99% of the time” is a sexy Northern bloke, has been getting a lot of attention lately at TIM. In a stroke of luck he connected with Sam Porter at a party and was cast in several scenes, including the pre-release scene with hung ebony daddy CutlerX in Liam Cole’s newest fuck movie HARD CUTS 1. He has several scenes in the production pipeline including a shoot where he is the meat in a sandwich between Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich (the fantasy scenario of every greedy bottom everywhere).  Read on to see why we’re so captivated by Freddy!

TIM: How did you get involved with Treasure Island Media? Was it a spontaneous decision or something you wanted to do all along?

Freddy: I got involved with Treasure Island mainly as a result of a long conversation with my good mate Sam Porter, we met by chance at the RoB Shop in Manchester during an event hosted there for this years rubber weekend in March. Sam was of course DJ’ing, I was wearing a rubber jock. Sam seemed very appreciative! I recall him telling me that he’d pay to watch me fuck (which from a porn star is a nice compliment). I’ve always been a huge supporter of porn (ahem) and the thought of having the opportunity to take part in front of the camera was something I’ve jerked off to many times. So to have it become a reality I pushed Sam for more info.

TIM: What do you do in your free time?

Freddy: I’m just an average Joe 99% of the time, tho I’m certainly a bit of a gym bunny. I’m 45 and some years ago I decided I didn’t want to give into the aging process without a bloody good struggle. Everyday at 6AM you can find me at my gym sweating away, I’m not looking for perfection but some clear water between me and my peers is my objective. However, when I visit London I’m reminded that the competition is somewhat more heated down there.

Freddy Miller TIM Stud

TIM: How did you get involved in the adult industry? What do you enjoy most about it?

Freddy: As I mentioned Sam Porter’s my good mate, and he passed some of my fuzzy selfies over to Bruce Jordan at the TIM office in London. Bruce was immediately keen to get in contact. I can recall my casting interview at the TIM office and being hugely nervous, the two hour train journey didn’t really help calm my jitters either.  I’ve had many interviews in my life, but none had ever concluded with a “so could you just undress and show me your hard on please, I’m going to take a few photo’s”.

The greatest thing about the work is the hot sex with some stellar shoot partners. My recent shoot with Dolf Dietrich and his partner Drew Sebastian literally blew my mind, being double penetrated by two handsome and hung guys, who then go on to cum simultaneously in your ass. It’s every greedy bottom boys dream come true. But it’s really of off camera banter and bonding that is really so much fun! It’s such a bazaar job, yet for a few hours during a shoot it’s made into something so matter of fact. When I return to my regular day job is a huge contrast, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

TIM: What traits you attracted to most in guys?

Freddy: Despite being a bit of a gym rat, I’m not a body fascist so physical perfection isn’t an absolute, tho a nod in the direction of knowing what to do in a gym certainly helps. I look for chemistry over pure physical looks. From younger smaller guys all the way up to older bigger lads, if there’s no spark it’s just no fun, and sometimes that spark is in the most unexpected person. I guess I’m a danger freak, so something edgy/pervy certainly grabs my attention.

Freddy Miller TIM Stud

The most unattractive trait for me, is someone who thinks they’re superior, to me everyone’s important, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect, even if that’s a polite no, they still deserve to be treated properly.

TIM: Dating anyone special at the moment?

Freddy: I am indeed, in fact we were married in June this year, it was a long engagement, about 22 years. He’s my very first boyfriend, and my best friend I’ve known he was the one from the moment we met in 1992. He’s been hugely supportive of me working in the adult industry. although I do get that look when we’re in our local, the Eagle Manchester, and a little voice from behind us asks ‘are you Freddy Miller’ which actually happened well before I’d had any scenes released. It helps that Freddy is my actually my school nickname so I will genuinely respond to it.

TIM: Your scene in HARD CUTS with CutlerX is my absolute favorite. You really gave took a pounding! Does your off-screen sex life look like that?

Freddy: Cricky no, Cutler was by and far the biggest cock I’ve ever taken, and sometimes it feels like he’s still up there. In real life I’m more versatile and generally my husbands top. I mostly prefer to top smaller younger guys, yet bottom for heavier built older guys. I’ve found topping in scenes challenging, but with each successive shoot I’ve been growing in confidence, in my last shoot with Letterio I topped for the first time, and he’s a very big lad to play with I must say.

Letterio Drew Sebastian Dolf Dietrich and Freddy Miller on Set for TIM
Letterio, Drew Sebastian, Dolf Dietrich and Freddy Miller on Set for TIM

TIM: What’d in the pipeline for you in terms of Shooting for TIM?

Freddy: Well I’ve a shoot I did with the handsome Adam Russo that is yet to be released, as well as that epic scene with Dolf and Drew that I can’t wait to see. The guys at TIM’s office in London seem stoked by, and as I said my first top scene with Letterio, a guy I’ve long admired from afar. Beyond that I’ve a shoot lined up in January next year, but with an unknown shoot partner as yet, so watch out for info on twitter @freddymillerxxx

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I AM: Freddy Miller

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