San Francisco — November 18, 2014 — Cal/OSHA is yet again banging on the doors of Treasure Island Media. At issue is the infamous “SCENE 13,” a blood-soaked cut/suck/fuck melee of fever-pitched sexual frenzy from Paul Morris’s newest satanic bareback offering, BREEDING SEASON 3.

A representative of OSHA, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated, “They did what this time? What??? Are you fucking joking?”

“SCENE 13” features booze, blood, piss-guzzling and bareback sex. Dayton O’Connor binds his willing victim, John Doe, carving “Paul Morris” into his chest, brutally whipping him and then butt-fucking the holy bejeezus out of him in what is clearly a shameful, sinful homage to the Dark One.

Despite the controversy and brouhaha, BREEDING SEASON 3 has already broken TIM in-company sales records.

Since BREEDING SEASON’s release last week, critics and outraged community members have been expressing their shock over “SCENE 13.” One of these upstanding citizens (none of whom have actually watched the video) said, “This is the kind of thing serial killers do! What’s next? Castration? Cannibalism? Snuff?”

As a result, Morris is being likened by the gay press to notorious serial killer and marriage spokesperson, Charles Manson. (Full disclosure: one sad-assed blogger said it.) “I’m okay with that,” responded Morris. “But if anyone had said I was like Larry Kramer, I would’ve been pissed off.” Morris then visibly shuddered in horror.

Some of the out-of-control madmen (and victims) in BREEDING SEASON 3 are Latin alpha-male Antonio Biaggi, Luke Bennett, Drew Sebastian, Ty Roberts, Max Cameron, Paul Steele, Logan Stevens, Jerry Stearns, and Dallas Parker. Also featured is Oregon’s “DICE,” a man literally owned by Paul Morris. Viewers are led through sexed-up and harrowing visions from the dark world of anonymous bathhouse breeding, rampant butt-fucking, cock-worship, bunghole-mania and more, much more.

BREEDING SEASON 3 is now available exclusively at treasureislandmedia.com. Download it or Order a DVD Today!

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  1. While I do think the scene is a bit over the top and not quite my cup of tea, it’s certainly not cultish or homicidal. There are plenty of S&M players, hetero and homo, who get into play cutting and scenes of dominance with knives. Just because you don’t like it or don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s bad, and if both people enjoy it and are not hurt by it long-term, then it’s not our place to judge or stop them.

  2. I think Paul Morris and the rest of the Cast and Crew are Fucking geniuses. TIM never fails to please their fans. This scene is fuckin HOT. Long live TIM..

  3. Really hot movie, but that scene 13… WELL, that was definetely NOT my style and Every time I re-watch the movie, I skip the scene. Like someone said, not my cup of tea and I think Dayton O’Connor is one hot fucking top!

  4. Not sure why the comments are so negative. Its a scene in a great movie. If you don’t like it, you’re more than capable of skipping it and going to the next one. It was a great buy and I enjoyed it more than once. My favorite scene was with biaggi getting worship

  5. I also find it hilarious that TIM is so open minded to do all this crazy shit, but in ALL of its years in existence, REFUSES to make an a bareback fuck film with an all African Americans cast. I guess they can cut a bunch guys up, but no all black films. Really.

    1. If the situation was right i’m sure they would. I really doubt the guys at TIM just decided NOT to cast an all black cast. its hard to schedule these scenes and get them together so i’m sure if it worked out for them at the right time they would

    2. Give me a fucking break. Race has nothing to do with this discussion, your insertion of it is telling. There are several studios that cater to those who choose to watch “all black films”. I for one prefer diversity in my porn, and life.

  6. I watch porn for the same reason everyone else does. TO GET OFF. I want to see hot guys fucking, not a bunch of mutilation and shit. If I wanted to get off on blood and violence, I would jerk off to Friday the 13th movies. TIM used to make hot films, now they are stuck on this violent shocker bullshit. Let it go Paul Morris, Seriously.

  7. This scene was a total turn off for me so I wonder is the controversy it is generating worth the number of fans who like me are turned off by something like this? And my reaction is fairly mild compared to some I have seen and heard. In the end I would guess that it is not worth it at all.

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