Nate Gets Another Angry Email From a Boyfriend

Breeding Marcus Isaacs Cumdump Bottom
Marcus Isaacs is a True TIM Cumdump Bottom

I love getting emails like these. I never get involved in boyfriend drama but it sure is amusing to open up your email on the weekend and see this in your inbox.

From the boyfriend of a guy who applied to be one of our coveted cumdump bottoms.

my boyfriend

nate email

If your boyfriend has an issue with you taking cum up your butt in one of our movies I have one thing to say….DUMP HIM!!! Your boyfriend should encourage and support your decision to show the world how much of a cumslut you truly are.

The names of those involved have been removed. I’m not a total asshole… 🙂

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  1. I agree with Nate. This guy needs to dump him. He sounds like a control freak to me. All of us bottom cumdump need to be bred by as many cocks as we can. Hell you only live once.

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