TIMGear Debuts New Apparel Items From Yuppie Boy Clothing

Yuppie Boy Clothing

TIMGear, a subdivision of Treasure Island Media, has joined creative forces with Yuppie Boy Clothing (YBC), co-owned by Paul Ponsiglione and Mykul Chrétien, to bring TIMGear fans even more vibrant, body-enhancing clothing options to wear to the club and on the street.

In the brand’s own words, “Yuppie Boy Clothing is fashion slang for a person young at heart whose clothing choices and styles result in a luxurious lifestyle. The term characterizes any person who is not modest about their heightened fashion status.”

Yuppie Boy Clothing “was designed to allow people to express themselves loudly through what they wear when they go out,” said Mykul Chrétien, CEO of YBC. ”We’ve taken many ideas, phrases, and slogans used by the community and by public icons. By giving  them a voice in our clothing line, YBC stands out from the norm.”

YBC features swimwear, bottoms, tanks, and tee-shirts, as well as a new erotic line in a variety of vibrant colors and flattering cuts for the up-market and style-conscious man. Selected styles in the TIMGear store include recent designs from the Folsom Street Fair, the annual San Francisco BDSM and leather subculture event, that promise to resonate well with the TIMGear audience.

“We’ve been able to successfully expand so far by allowing people to go online and create custom swim gear by uploading their own art and designs. Many of the shirts we carry online are generated by customers,” Chrétien said. “Our continuing evolution as a brand reflects the contributions of our fans.”

The new venture opens the rapidly-expanding TIM brand out of porn and into a wider audience, previously untapped by the independent and controversial producer of all-male entertainment. TIM men are synonymous with rugged masculinity and a libertine attitude in their pursuit of pleasure; TIMGear celebrates and reinforces that attitude. and YBC is a perfect fit.

Check it Out at Tim-Gear.com!

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