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BamaBarecub reached out to us last week seeking to get marked with the “Built To Fuck” logo. Of course we said yes to the bear cub so he made an appointment and submitted these pictures. If you’re ready for the Marked Man Challenge APPLY HERE! We’ll pay for your tat and send you a box of swag to boot. 

This bear cub from Huntsville AL had the following to say about his decision to become a marked man:

“For a long time, I was ashamed of my body. I was letting certain people’s perceptions of me become who I was, and I got lost in that identity. I came from a repressed background and my self-image kind of got lost in the ether.

When I was able to start exploring my sexuality chiefly through TIM videos  I started sorting myself out. I worked on myself, physically and mentally. Through TIM culture I learned to like myself. I worked on the things that needed work and learned to accept everything else.

Marking myself as ‘Built to Fuck’ is an acknowledgement of who I am in every sense. It’s an admission that sex is an important part of my life. It’s confirmation for those who recognize the symbol of how I like my guys and my sex— and the placement of the tat is a cocky warning to tops that wish to play with me: I won’t break, and I don’t tire out easily!”

If you want to get yourself a tribute tattoo to TIM click HERE!



  1. Damn Bama you look so fuckin hot with that Tat…I want that fuckin Tat. Bama I read your article, you said everything I was thinking. You are one fucking HOT Dude.

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