Super fan shows off TIM collection!!

Our fans are the absolute best!! Hands down!! No comparison!! As one person put it to me once….”You don’t see people going around getting Chi Chi LaRue tattoo’d on themselves.” True! very true!! haha!!!

Our guys find guys to date who have similar interests. Those interests mainly being hot, cummy, sweat filled, bareback porn!!

I have become friendly with many of our fans on social media whether it be Twitter or Facebook and one fan sent me this pic of all the TIM products he and his man have.  For Christmas this year he received a copy of Breeding Marcus Isaacs, 3 of our shot glasses, and a TIM T-Shirt.

My question to him “Wow, you must have been a very good pig to deserve all that stuff??” His response: “But, of course!!!”

Check out all the TIM gear of 2 of our super fans in the South!!



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