Treasure Island Sets Up Shop Down Under: Meet Flynn Evans.

Flynn Evans Treasure Island Media

When Paul Morris sets us a mission to Suck Dick and Save the World, he means every corner of it. For the first time we’re setting up shop in Australia, and it’s my job to unearth every big-dicked top and grunting hungry bottom I can get my hands/camera on.

I fucking love my job.

There’s something about the way Aussie men fuck that I love capturing on camera. When the British invaded the country, they filled it with convict men who had no other option but to roughly fuck the hell out of each other. Not much has changed. 

Aussie men are also playful, adventurous, and eager to please. We spend much of our life outdoors, so our beat culture is second to none. I’ve fucked more ass (or arse, as we call it) outdoors than I’ve had cold winters. I can’t wait to do our first outdoor shoot so you can see these guys in their natural habitat.

The other thing that makes Australia the ideal breeding ground for TIM studs is our lack of a porn industry. There’s no WeHo boys with stars in their eyes here, just real guys who love to fuck and get fucked. That means I have to dig a little deeper to find men whose fantasy of fucking on camera for Treasure Island can become a reality.

Like I said, I fucking love my job. 

Sydney is a city of bottoms, and Melbourne is a city of filthy perverts. So naturally I’m going to film in both. I expect once we start rolling out the scenes here, and you all see who we’ve got lined up as our exclusive Aussie performers, more of you will put your hands (and ass) up in the air.

Trust me, I want to hear from you!


Flynn Evans is a TIM exclusive performer/director in Sydney, Australia. You might have whacked off to him in Breeding Marcus Isaacs. If you haven’t go do it now. Follow him and his big dick @FlynnEvansTIM.

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