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Ameer in Treasure Island Media

Ameer is one of our local studs who is featured in SUCK DICK SAVE THE WORLD 5. In real life Ameer was—until recently—a hardcore boxer. He has a good number of solid KO’s on his roster. He loves being in charge, whether he’s dominating a man or a woman! He’s also an in-demand go go dancer at all the major venues in San Francisco, so if you catch him in action make sure to give him a proper ass grab. 

TIM: How did you get involved with TIM? What do you like most about it?

Ameer: I first got involved with TIM when I was looking for a part time gig during school. I was looking around when I found an ad for nude photos of hot men and I thought “thats me!” I use to always joke with friends during high school that one day I’d be involved in adult entertainment so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at it.

TIM: What do you do in your free time?

I am currently a student at UC Davis so that takes up a lot of my time. When I do have free time its pretty much spent at the gym, at work, or partying. Ask anyone thats ever gone out with me and they will tell you I go all out, whether its in the gym or a big party. “Try to keep up” is my motto.

Ameer Treasure Island Media

Ameer: How do you stay so in shape? I heard you’ve done mixed martial arts—do you still keep up with that? Have you ever knocked anyone out? 

Consistency is key. I dont do diets or workout routines. I try to live my life as a whole in a healthy fashion. The key to this is moderation. Sometimes eating that little extra dessert will help you stay on track in the long run rather then pigging out for a three day binge and letting all your hard work go to waste. 

I’ve been doing mixed martial arts for around 9 years now. I wrestled in high school, boxed in the golden gloves tournament, and competed at a high level in mixed martial arts. I was always an aggressive child so it was an outlet for that aggressiveness. I still do keep up with training but with my schedule its hard to find time to compete. when school is over I will find time for competing again. 

Ameer Treasure Island Media

TIM: I know that you like to have sex with both men and women—what makes someone attractive to you? What do you like in a guy?

Ameer: On a purely physical level, a great ass will go a long way, the kind you want to lose your face in haha. But its all about “chemistry.” Im an aggressive and dominant personality with sex, so anyone who submits and likes to serve. Its good to be the king haha 

I like a guy who just craves my touch and will do whatever necessary to please me. For whatever reason I love the thought of someone submitting to me. and there is something about the fact that in our society our men are supposed to be all alpha, yet they submit to me, that just gets me going.

Ameer Treasure Island Media

TIM: So far you’ve done solos, photoshoots, and a handful of oral scenes with TIM. Do you see yourself doing anything more?

Oh I definitely will be doing more. I’m just being picky about when to enter the hardcore world. When the time is right, I’ll unleash a scene that will shake the world!

Ameer: Where do you go-go dance, and when?

I’ve danced at almost gay venue in San Francisco. You can catch me at various venues on any given night through the week. As my schedule always changes its hard to say exactly where and when, but if you do see me, please come and say hi. I love hugs and of course a good ass grab!

Ameer Treasure Island Media

  1. Charlie, what’s the problem with bisexuals? As for the “gay for pay” thing, they have been stating that they have these kind of porn actors for ages. But don’t fool yourself: there is not such thing as straight men who have sex with other men. That’s purely marketing based on gay guys’ fantasies.

  2. And now TIM is a bisexual or rather gay for pay models centered company. What a sad reality.

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