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Damon Dogg Treasure Island Media

For loyal Treasure Island Media fans handsome punk Damon Dogg is the epitome of an all-American insatiable cocksucker. Damon made TIM history with his DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Series produced by none other than Paul Morris himself. The happy-go-lucky skateboarding cum-addict is back on board here at Treasure Island Media to make more porn in the Pacific Northwest. So if you’re a pig in Seattle, Portland, or in the general vicinity apply HERE.

TIM: Hi Damon! For the fans who want to know can you tell us how did you originally get involved with working with Treasure Island Media? 

DD: In 2002 I drove down to SF in 2002 from Portland, OR in my van that was also my temporary home at the time. I saw an ad that Paul had posted in a local SF gay newspaper, ‘Looking for men to jerk off on camera’, so I gave him a call. That was when Paul and I first met, and after I finished jerking off on camera for him he asked if I would be interested in working for his company. I had no experience in porn before then, other than the home videos that I had made of myself and some friends having sex and horsing around, but I said yes anyhow and began finding my place within the company. Eric Lange was the business manager back then and Paul didn’t want to introduce to Eric his new employee that lives in an Astro Van down at the park, so I found an apartment in the Tenderloin district and became an SF resident and a pornographer all in the same week. 

Damon Dogg Treasure Island Media

TIM: Are you currently involved with anyone?

DD: I am currently not involved with anyone, I had a long relationship with Jesse O’Toole, but my past drug fling brought an end to that.

Damon Dogg Returns to TIM

TIM: What kind of guys do it for you?

DD: I’ve never had any certain ‘type’ of men. I’m not visually challenged. I’m more attracted to the way men carry themselves, their demeanor, and tact. Guys that are not afraid to push their own and society’s sexual limits

Damon Dogg Insatiable Cocksucker

TIM: What kind of scenes do you hope to shoot this year for TIM? 

DD: I would love to get back to filming some large group fuck scenes as I’ve done in the past. But, I’m looking forward to filming all types of scenes as long as they are uninhibited, raw, sexy, cock-filled, cum-soaked, piss-saturated, and filth-minded.

Damon Dogg Treasure Island Media

TIM: What are you up to besides making porn these days?

DD: Outside of porn these days, just as the days of old, I’m busy composing and playing music, getting my ass fucked as often as possible, and maintaining a good healthy cum-fed diet

  1. Make me your b your whatever you want. Recently divorced and want to make vids with you . Need a good b I’m yours!

  2. You are so hot. You’re one of my favorite performers on TIM. Keep it up stud!

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