FUCK OFF HOMO (Pre-Release)



Max Sohl’s newest collection of breedings and seedings.


In the pre-release scene, insatiable horndog MICA MEDINA is the lucky bastard who lives out his dream fantasy of getting fucked by SAM BRIDLE and EDDIE at the same time. The boys leave no orifice unused as they slide their huge cocks from hole to hole leaving Mica one happy cumpig.


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Sam Bridle and Eddie are two of my favorite tops. I love their dicks and I love watching them fuck. They mate with such joyous abandon in their mandate to get their cum inside another guy’s hole. They also really get off on it when a hole has cum inside it already and they get to turn it into an even bigger sloppy cummy mess.

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Coincidentally within a few days of each other, they separately contacted me and asked if I could hook them up with each other. At first I thought they wanted to fuck each other, but no, they wanted to tag team a slut together.

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One of my favorite parts of the scene (and there are many) is a moment after they have both had a turn fucking and begin to egg each other’s dicks on into Mica’s bent over body. Switching off faster and faster, grabbing the other’s dick, guiding it in and helping it fuck, tonguing the hole and the other cock, crushing between the other’s legs as they slam away. It got them so worked up it wasn’t much longer before the cum was shooting everywhere.

– -Max Sohl

Get the pre-release scene here or if you’re a TIMFuck member, watch it HERE.

  1. I would LOVE to get tagged by Sam Bridle and Eddie! I would love to see more of Eddie’s scenes.

  2. GOD DAMN…..This is so fuckin HOT!!!! Hats off to ya T.I.M. …You did it again…..Giving us pigs what we want…HOT RAW Man Sex…

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