I AM: Nate Reynolds

Nate Reynolds is the Casting Associate & Production Assistant for TIM in New York City. 

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DICE: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

NATE REYNOLDS: I’m a 38yo guy who grew up in New England and have called NYC home for going on 15 years now. I started off as an actor and then quickly realized that life wasn’t for me and went behind the scenes. After I left that I did everything from being a cater waiter, to a talent agent, to a casting associate for TV, Theatre, Film, Voice-Overs, and Commercials. 

DICE: How did you get started working at TIM?

NR: I emailed Max Sohl (NYC Director/Producer) out of the blue in 2005 saying I was a huge TIM fan and if he ever needed help on set to let me know. He did, I was brought on for Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend, and the rest as they say is history. I was part time for the first 8 years, and full time for the past 2 1/2. I wrote about it in a blog post here: http://maxsohlblog.com/2014/09/19/from-scooter-to-nate-reynolds-a-retrospective/


DICE: What’s your favorite TIM scene?

NR: There are so many that I like for different reasons but the first one that comes to mind is the “churning the butter” scene from LOADED. I remember Austin Shadow fucking ALL of the cum out of Dawson after a huge gang bang and it literally looked like a gallon of milk was being poured out of Dawson’s ass all over Austin’s dick. I wrote a blog post about that one as well here: http://maxsohlblog.com/2014/09/11/hottest-thing-ive-ever-witnessed-on-set-filming/ I also had a BLAST shooting every scene in Breeding Marcus Isaacs. It’s one of the videos that i’m most proud of and we had some hot studs breeding what I consider to be one of the best bottoms in the biz and one of the nicest, sexiest guys in real life. My favorite time not on set was when we were all staying out on Fire Island in the beach house featured in “Meat Packing”. After a long day of shooting we all made dinner together, sat out on the porch, ate, and spent the rest of the night laughing, drinking, sharing stories, and getting to know each other on a personal level. Some of these men that i’ve met at this job over the years I consider life long friends. Of course later on that night I went to the Meat Rack to get laid and found Dawson bent over a tree with a line of guys waiting to breed him! 

Interested in being a model apply HERE!


DICE: Do you have a porn crush?

NR: Oh, wow! I have had many, many over the years! Here are a few of them in no particular order: Lito Cruz, Champ Robinson, Mark Sergeant, Kurt Wood, Antonio Biaggi, Balthazar,  Eric Hassan, Jesse O’Toole, Dan Fisk, Billy Blanco, Luke Thomas, Jasper Stone, Chris Neal, Jerry Stearns, Flynn Evans, Drew Sebastian, Tony Serrano, DJ, Jacob Scott, Steve Parker, Dimitri Santiago, Tit Pig, and Randy Harden. Umm…can you tell i’m a bottom?!?! LMAO! 


DICE: What is the appeal of barebacking to you?

NR: The skin on skin fucking is how men have been fucking each other for hundreds of years. There is nothing more intimate than having a guy shoot his DNA up inside you for your bloodstream to absorb. 


DICE: What are some of your hobbies outside of Treasure Island Media?

NR: Anyone who knows me knows i’m a huge theatre buff. I try and go to the theatre as often as I can afford to. I have a background in theatre and entertainment so it still is a HUGE interest of mine. You are the perfect man for me if we can go see the latest play or musical, and then go to the Eagle afterwards and get bred in the backroom. I also love to travel (I am DYING to go back to Brazil), hang out at a bar with my friends, or explore the city. On Sundays you can usually find me at some beer blasts around town.


DICE: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

NR: Always clean out before you go out for the night. You never know where the night will lead and no one likes a messy bottom!

DICE: How do you feel about the idea that porn has an obligation to show safe sex?

NR: Porn is a fantasy, plain and simple! If you’re looking to porn for what is right for you and the health of your body you are looking in the wrong places. Our goal as pornographers is to get you off. When you’re at home with your dick in your hand and you need to cum our goal is to get you horny and make you cum. Sex education should come from YOU doing research, not from watching something that is meant for entertainment purposes. 


DICE: What turns you on in a man?

NR: I’m a sucker for a dreamy set of eyes, and nice teeth. Dating a guy I look for confidence, a hard worker, loves his family, and can laugh at himself. When looking for a hook up i’m looking for someone who is sexually adventurous, a nice dick I can sit on, and tall, dark, handsome with a bit of grey in their hair doesn’t hurt either!!


DICE: What is a major turn off? 

NR: Some guys are into man stink but i’m just not one of them. A little man smell is fine but if I can smell you from 10 feet away it is NOT going to work. The two words RIPE PITS are a major boner killer for me. Give me a fresh smelling man with a dirty mind and i’m good to go!

DICE: What do you enjoy about living in NYC?

NR: NYC has anything in the world you want. The diversity of its people, neighborhoods, entertainment, and food to name a few are unmatched with any other place. I LOVE that I can walk down the street and here about 10 different languages being spoke at any given time. Oh, and we have some of the hottest fucking men in the world! It is a smorgasbord of dick and ass for anyone to NEVER tire of! I have called NYC home for 15 years now and my love affair with this city will never dampen!!


DICE: Is there anything you want people to know that I didn’t ask you?

NR: Producing porn is so much harder than it looks and for all the flakes, bullshit, literal shit, and stuff we have to deal with on a regular basis it all pales in comparison to finding that hot guy that has never done porn before and booking him for his first scene, talking to a pornstar crush you’ve had forever and watching him fuck right in front of you, seeing pure ecstasy on a bottom’s face as he gets a nice big load up his ass, or that feeling of camaraderie after a successful shoot and everyone leaves with an ass full of cum, or an empty ballsack with a big grin on their face is not lost on me even 10 1/2 years in to working here. The second I get jaded with this job please someone slap a big fat dick in my face and tell me to snap out of it! I’m still a gay kid in a candy store full of dicks and I couldn’t be happier.

  1. You have my dream job. I’m just retired, love to help out with anything. ANYTHING. ……Your someone I would like to know.

  2. AWESOME interview, man!!!! LOVE TIM!!!!! I hope to be that nice cock you can sit on when I’m in NYC sometime!!!!

  3. Hey Nate…Great article. Nice to get the chance to hear from someone who works behind the scenes. You have one helluva great job, working for the best porn site out there. Good Luck to you and all the great people who work for T.I.M. Thanks for the excellent porn….

  4. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about little ‘ol me!

  5. I could not agree with you more Nate about Porn being entertainment and not sex ed…… Very well stated. Great interview. Bet your a damn good bottom too. 😉

  6. You’re such a fun and sweet guy – loved reading this! And happy to be a porn star crush 😉

  7. Well Nate it seems we have a lot in common. I’m not into a man who smells either lol. I wish I had your job.

  8. Well, who knew it was so easy: email sent from a fan leads to a job at a hot bareback porn company. Congrats Nate, and keep up the (do I have to say hard?) good work with the whole team!

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