Paul Morris and his message “We Are Coming For You”



1. Why am I a fanatic about the making of male porn? In the face of piracy, online theft, governmental attacks, right-wing political machinations,

and an unprecedented amount  of corporate, corrupt and inept competition, why do I keep doing this? For one reason: it must be done and it must be done truthfully.

Unlike with other media genres—horror, science fiction, comedy and so on—we watch gay porn to gain a clear, deep and comprehensive

knowledge of exactly who we are. This isn’t the case for straight porn, only for gay porn.  Since the beginning, we have studied and made

male porn in order to see and learn who and what we are, we men who live for fucking, sucking cock, rimming, felching, fisting. 

We make and study porn in order to engage with those who are like us in the infinitely complex language-behavior that is loosely termed “male sex”.

The craft of making male porn is a crucial one, then.  It is a duty and a responsibility. Unfortunately, most pornographers think that a couple of men,

some lighting and a pretty background will get it done.  Or some believe that using sad-assed story-lines involving cowboys or college football

teams or any hackneyed story will get them through and make for good porn.  But for the essence of male porn, everything — the story, the truth, the meaning —

is in the men and nothing but the men.  It’s all there — if it’s done right.

 2.  At every crisis that threatened to overwhelm and demoralize the identity and practices of men who fuck men, it has been porn that has

 hunkered down and argued most eloquently  that we are not only profoundly different—different, say, from men who marry women —

 but our difference renders us crucial to the species, crucial to the world.  When I release a video, it’s because the scenes in it are engagements

 that illustrate, prove and proclaim who we are and what we are.  This is  done in  a thousand ways, some of which have been controversial —

whether they  involve unbridled raw passion, radical submission, viral seroconversion, ecstatic bloodplay, slavery,  sluts, dogs, monsters, 

victims and on and on.   We embody and embrace that which ignorant and  superstitious repressive social and religious groups consider

sinful, evil, depraved, satanic — and on and  on.  In this sense, we stand against a world that increasingly wishes — intends — not only

to deny us the right to be who and what we are, but to slaughter us and those like us, our brothers and sons and lovers  of the present and future.  

3. We have faced existential challenges throughout our history.  And every time the world underestimated us, thought we are weak,

hoped for our death, our disappearance.  Throughout history they have tried to force us to behave or believe as they, in their 

backward ignorance, believe and behave. Look: nature itself, in the form of a horror-virus, raged against us.  Had this happened to 

the practitioners of the “great” religions that now rail against us, I promise you, they would  have lost their faith and their humanity. 

But we, the strongest of the strong, have become one with that very virus, we have triumphed through our very “depravity”, what they call our 

“sins”, our demonic evil and perversion.

To those who are against us WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. To those who threaten and hate us,  WE ARE COMING FOR YOU with our evil,

our disease, our darkness and rampant sensual pleasure.  We bring our demons and our sex-magick, we invoke djinn, the ancient gods and the

numberless primordial entities that love us as their own.  


4. We fuck your sons, your brothers, your fathers.  We are born as your children,  grandchildren, all your progeny of every race and nation and culture:

we will find and teach and recruit all your precious babies from now through time immemorial.  Call on any god you wish for protection, invoke any and all

of your superstitions.  They will not help you.  Our gods are in our bodies, they fill us with lust and camaraderie, they make of us the monsters who terrify you

in your prayers and dreams.  Your gods and prophets descend from their various heavens and study with us, learn from us the sex-yogas of the male body, 

the bliss-meditation of infinitely extended masturbation.  The world we make is one of plenty and pleasure and contentment and communal joy for all men, all boys.


5. And to those among us who strive to control or tame our sex, who teach that what we are can be contained in rule-bound and policed “festivals” or “street parties”,

to those who try to take away our sacred rights through government manipulation and false edicts WE ARE COMING FOR YOUFor those who preach to us that

marriage and monogamy is the only and true way, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU, brother. The true male porn is revolutionary.  It is the crucial text that carries and

disseminates the sacred soul of our nature, the universality of the gods of the male body. 


6. Join the MALE SEX CULT, a universal organization the sole goal of which is to bring about the paradise of absolute sex culture and freedom to breed ‘em for all men.  

Add your name to the growing roster of men committed to the MALE SEX CULT and do your part in the development of a new world.  Fuck freely, my comrades, fuck freely, 

suck constantly, rim every ass. Sex-ecstatics, sex-freaks, sex-pigs, sex addicts, sex-mystics: join with us.

This is the real work, the purpose for which you were born.  Accept your nature and the meaning of your life and your body.  Accept and join us.  

Write a simple statement of commitment to me. Your life begins when you declare that you are ready, that you know who you are and why you were born.  WE ARE 

COMING FOR YOU, my brothers.  All you need to do is write and tell us that you are ready. 


Paul Morris



  1. The mark of a leader. You take a stand because you believe it is right regardless of what anyone else thinks.
    You are brave … And that is sexxxy.
    I will continue to support your work by purchasing your product.

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