Rolling With DICE: TIM Model Diego Tovar Takes Portland

Rolling With DICE: TIM Model Diego Tovar Visits Portland


DIEGO TOVAR is one awesome guy. He and I met last year at HELLHOUND, and I convinced him to come visit Portland for a few days. Boy, did I give him one hell of a time: from sightseeing various places to taking him to his first(!) glory hole, he got the signature Portland-Dice experience.


Day 1:

It started on Sunday when I met him at PDX to pick him up. He was just glad to be free of his hellish flight from Utah. We headed to my place downtown to drop off his bags, and it just so happened that it was his birthday, so I decided that we would have to make this trip extra-special. He told me that one of his friends had just recently moved up here so the first thing we did was meet up with them for brunch at a gay bar – Joq’s Tavern – on the eastside.

After brunch we traversed back downtown and hit the 24-Hour for a workout. Following that, we were pretty juiced, so we decided to walk around and explore Portland’s downtown. We ended up grabbing some delicious coffee at Public Domain and hitting up a movie (“The Brothers Grimsby” – don’t see it).

Later that evening we ended up meeting his friends again, but before that I managed to take him to an (in)famous adult video-store on the eastside, decked out with private rooms and glory hole booths in the back, where many local dudes come to hook up (SE Portland has the best of the down-n-dirty, btw). After that we did a little club hopping, eventually finding ourselves at the very hot male strip-club Stag where we drank and played pool and watched beautiful men dance.

Day 2

The second day I met up with Diego early in the afternoon. He was eager to release a three-day load he had been saving up over the weekend.

Once we got everybody together, Pony and I shot a hot three-way featuring Diego, Abraham, and Logan Jacobs (the sexy guy in the middle sucking Abraham’s dick whilst getting fucked by Diego). Honestly, the sexual energy was fantastic: you could tell the men were all connected in every single aspect, body and soul. It was just oozing with chemistry.


At night we hit the town again. Portland has some beautiful light-life on Broadway St; we got to see the vintage Pioneer Courthouse and gorgeous Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall all lit up. Later we grabbed frozen yogurt at TartBerry before heading to another movie.


Day 3

Tuesday I brought Diego to Glowing Greens downtown to play some rounds of miniature golf. It was absolutely stunning: black lights and skulls everywhere, with club music echoing through  neon fishes. It’s a perfect place for us TIM pirates. Glowing Greens is definitely an interesting joint to bring people to if you want to have a good time.


Day 4

The next day Abraham, Diego, and I all met up for the gym. Abraham was teaching us all these crazy-intense workouts, getting Diego to literally flip himself over like a madman. Afterwards we all went and grabbed dinner at Fresh Roll for some tasty Vietnamese.  


A few hours later I filmed a fucking HOT solo with Diego! I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Day 5

On his last day here, I took Diego to brunch at Fuller’s downtown and we headed off to the airport in the sad Portland rain. Diego had an amazing time though and he can’t wait to CUM back. I’m sure going to miss having a dick as nice as that cuddling up against my hole every morning and night . . . 

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