Exclusive “Sick Fucks” Trailer

It’s finally here! – our exclusive trailer from Pony Hunter’s new film “SICK FUCKS”. Catch a glimpse at this portrayal of the perverse underworld of Portland by viewing or downloading the trailer.

  1. jesus fucking xrist….T.I.M. has pushed the envelope again…T.I.M. you have done it again…I would follow Paul Morris and the cast and crew of T.I.M. to the gates of hell. Fuck….The satanic scene was fucking awesome….My dick was so fuckin hard…and I shot my fucking load and it hit me in the face….Ave Satanas

  2. Wasn’t there a “Damon blows America”:Minneapolis edition? I am sure that I saw it years ago and would love to get a copy of it!

  3. This is a fucking awesome evil movie!!! Beautiful raw action pushing everyone to their ultimate limit!! Awesome evil and sin are shown in full glory with the devil in fuckin control. Fantastic job to all who produced this movie! Hope to soon see raw sex breeding and open seeding on a altar and church for all to see. Awesome to see your evil symbols and art work. Thanks for a hot as hell evil movie!! Continue to bring out all the evil you can. You’ll be the richer for it. You brought the truth out.Thanks for letting the evil reign. Fuckin hot as fuck!!

  4. Thinking politically, I find the semiotics of this trailer to be deeply troubling.

    Thinking erotically: when can I buy it?

  5. When is this being released?! I wanna popperbate watching that cum being dumped into that gaping hole

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